Horoscope for November 24

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to get realistic and put in the effort to push ahead with longer term projects. Energetic team mates and friends will keep you on the right track. You will be successful and certain projects will turn out better and more easily than you expect. But you’ll still need to be pruning out of your life everything that does not work well or that belongs to the past. Loved ones will be unpredictable and at times dreamy or evasive.

ARIES: You may feel life is doing slow, slower and practically in reverse for a day or so. It is difficult to let yourself be hemmed in, so you may get irritable or touchy. Just don’t say too much in the heat of the moment. You are taking pride in your sharp mind, and getting resentful if you are not given the recognition that you feel your ideas or your work deserves. Just keep looking at the broad picture and developing tolerance, hope and a sense of humour.

TAURUS:  Fuming, fretting and complaining isn’t getting you anywhere very fast. OK, so there is a temporary road block ahead and you may have to wait a bit for that to clear, but you could also chip away at whatever stands in your path. Your love life may be suffering temporarily at an intimate level because you are wary of getting into the depths of your feelings. But you are beginning to understand what is holding you back from real relating. That is the first step to more intimacy.
GEMINI:  If anchors are dragging with one project, you need to set your ingenuity to work. There’s no point in giving up in disgust or out of lethargy. Tackle it head on but in a persistent, not foot-stamping way. Just focus on the essentials and keep quietly forcing your way ahead. Then you will suddenly find the road clears in front of you. Now could be a time of recognition and solid promotion. Saturn brings emotional tensions out into the open, but also the harvest of past effort.
CANCER:  Try to keep your confidence high. Saturn around at the moment has a nasty habit of denting your self-esteem, so you feel that whatever it is you do isn’t going to work particularly well. If you start with a negative attitude, then quite often you create your own bad luck. So think positively and put your best foot forward, but cautiously. You are amazed at how conscientious you have become recently, much better with detail, quite the perfectionist.
LEO: You may feel cut off from the important people in your life just briefly. Really what is happening is that you are cutting off from your deeper feelings, mainly because you think you might not like what you found. Try to relax, ease up, be honest in a calm way and all will come together again in a couple of days’ time. You seem to be trying too hard to keep your emotions in control. Maybe you should learn to let your hair down.
VIRGO:  Mars is in aspect to Saturn so you may feel as if your energy is stuck. You could be clenching your teeth with frustration, feeling irritated, and could even be slightly accident-prone. The main thing to remember is that it will pass by. Just focus on essentials and keep your head down. Duty at the moment is coming before pleasure and indulgence. Indeed, at times you feel your home life is harder work than work. But you do want a more organised set up.
LIBRA:  Other people seem to be getting in your way or doing things that are positively un-useful, so you may be sitting on your temper. But with Mars speaking off Saturn around, you only grit your teeth for so long, then you let fly. It’s not easy to be assertive in a calm, steady way in these circumstances. You may feel there is a barrier to be overcome when talking to workmates, neighbours, or brothers and sisters. You want to search out answers and explore possibilities.
SCORPIO:  High energy Mars is meeting slow moving Saturn across the zodiac so blockages and delays are to be expected. If things are not going quite as well as you’d planned, just remember that patience will help. Don’t duck and dive to avoid the problem, but work quietly and persistently at trying to remove or overcome it. Others may call you miserly, but you know that saving makes survival sense, so you will be limiting your purchases to what is essential and has value.
SAGITTARIUS:   It’s important at the moment to channel your energy into rather narrow tasks. There’s a rather restrictive set of influences around, so if you can focus your concentration and motivation in a very self-disciplined way you will sort out detailed tasks. Be careful as you go, since you can end tripping over your feet or being slightly accident-prone. Life will reward you the harder you try, though you must find time for relaxation. Otherwise you could end up feeling a loner.
CAPRICORN:  Authority figures may be a problem. They seem to be telling you to do what you don’t want to do. It’s important not to let them get at you too much. Just knuckle down to doing what is true for you. If you work very hard you will achieve something, admittedly modest, but it will last over time. You may hold back now from really examining what is going on inside you or exploring your past, since you are wary of finding out what lies below the surface. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  Your anger will tend to be either switched on or switched off, since there are slightly edgy influences around, which are not very easy to handle. Just proceed slowly and cautiously, double-check everything. Don’t let feelings of inadequacy hold you back. Just recognise that you can only do so much and that achievements will not be spectacular. Maybe you find certain team or group activities tricky to handle at the moment. There is a reserve you find it difficult to break down on first meeting.
PISCES:  They always say there is nothing to fear but fear itself. It clearly isn’t totally true, but there are situations where you get yourself more in a stew worrying than is entirely necessary. Get a grip of your concerns, look at the bottom line, and you will find it all becomes much easier. Your work ambitions are the most important thing in your life. Status and respectability are vital to your self-esteem now, so you’ll redouble your efforts to gain the praise of those whose judgement you trust.