Horoscope for November 25

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, outspoken at times and rather muddled at others. But you certainly won’t let your opinions go unspoken. Loved ones will be erratic and not always predictable so as well to let them go their own way. Ignore muddles at home since they’ll sort themselves out eventually. Your finances will improve with determined action. Success will come your way and you’ll be looked up to with respect and admiration.

ARIES: In order to make one important decision, you have to arrive at the correct standpoint yourself. This may mean delaying until you have pondered on various different possibilities. If you try to be all things to all people it will not work. You may find there’s someone around now who could be helping or teaching you in a rather straightforward way. They’re trying to put across things which you need to know. Maybe at times they’ll be so realistic it sounds rather dreary, but listen all the same.

TAURUS:  Try to be firm but flexible now if you are trying to reach better understandings with close partners over finances or your emotional life. Make an effort to try not to look just at the bad and the difficult things today or be too nit-picky because it really won’t help. Certainly don’t let anyone undermine your self-confidence because that can be a problem with Saturn around. But it also means holding yourself back from pulling anyone else down.
GEMINI:  To be independent or cooperate? That seems to be your choice now and you can’t make up your mind for the best. You’re unwilling to make certain compromises that are being demanded by someone close, but you are equally not sure whether you wish to cast yourself adrift yet. Let the dust settle before committing yourself in any direction. At work you are nit-picking over every last tiny detail in a practical, sensible, down-to-earth way. Just watch you don’t isolate yourself too much.
CANCER:  Keeping yourself healthy is always discussed as if it only applied to your body. You know you have to get yourself into good shape now physically, but it is also important to look after yourself psychologically. Think about what calms you down, and make sure that today at least you schedule that activity into the diary. You’ll tend to see the downside now being too focused on a loved one’s flaws. You may well be right, but it’s not always very tactful to point them out.
LEO: Fitting in with the crowd has its compensations since you have many more people around to flit amongst. But then you lose the rewards of intimacy. What you really want is both the freedom of a network of friends and the adoration of close partners. It may test your ingenuity but it is possible. It will take effort but if you can be sensible and practical, in a couple of days’ time you can leap out and be outrageously irresponsible again.
VIRGO:  You know the best way to get more attention is to run around being of service to companions at work or out in the community. Give them what they need and they’ll appreciate you thoroughly. But you also need to give yourself more time to find yourself. So divide yourself between quiet moments with your feet up and busy patches where you rush around being helpful. You’ll feel that you aren’t able to say all the things you want to say.
LIBRA:  If you are getting slightly bored meeting the same companions all the time, you need to reach out for more adventurous mates. Allow your imagination to soar and see where you can aim higher. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Someone older may be trying to give you good advice. But they’ll sound to you as if they’re pouring cold water on your best ideas. Cool it. In fact they’re trying to let you see what the realistic consequences of what you want to do actually are.
SCORPIO:  If you are off a mind to do a little clearing out, try not to throw away too much. Not just literally, but emotionally as well, you feel the urge to get rid of some old baggage. But remember if you are too impulsive, you may want to backtrack in a few days’ time. Moderation in all things is always a good motto. Loved ones may be flying along on the cloud tops but you’ll know it is much more sensible to look in advance at the downside of plans.
SAGITTARIUS:  The time to take stock of one close relationship has come. Not everything can stay static for ever. Every so often you need to revise your understandings and agreements to keep pace with the change circumstances of your life. Try to work out what is important to you in the longer term, not just your whims of the moment. This is a time to be cautious. Sometimes you need to slow yourself down to see things more clearly. Jumping ahead too fast may not bring the results you want.
CAPRICORN:  Maybe you do have to find a little more willpower now to get out into the world and tackle practical matters. You may be seduced by the thought that doing less would make you feel better. But you know if you exert yourself you will feel more virtuous and it will probably bring you more energy. Maybe you need to seek out someone to talk to, whom you respect and look up to. They will help you enormously and put your thinking straight. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  Sometimes in the rush and scramble of coping with everyday matters and an active social life, you lose track of what you really want for yourself. Allowing that vital inner spark to shine out is more important than fitting in with everyone else’s expectations at least for a day. Just try not to be blinkered in your approach. Loved ones may have been careless or irresponsible in your view but they may also have different priorities. Listen and see if you can find middle ground.
PISCES:  Maybe the family and loved ones are beginning to mutter unhappily that they never see you. So take the hint, and find time for your nearest and dearest. You have ambitions to fulfil and commitments but you also need to lead a more balanced life, where there is play and relaxation as well as work. Don’t let other people criticise you and don’t let yourself criticise others, because Saturn has a nasty habit of thinking it’s being realistic when in fact it’s looking only to the flaws.


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