Horoscope for November 26

Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time when you’ll need to keep your wits about you. You’ll be rather confused both about your home and family life and need to sort out what is a realistic concern and what is just your imagination running riot. Be sensible and you’ll find that success does come your way. Certain projects will work much better than you expect, attracting you praise and admiration. Money will improve if you keep pushing. Your social life will sparkle.

ARIES: What you sometimes lack is optimism. When you get gloomy, remember you could be taking a rather narrow viewpoint. Saturn is around which can make you doubting or suspicious. That damps down your enthusiasm and spontaneity. Watch for a tendency to become too escapist, looking for ways out of the boring, practical details of your everyday world. This will not be helpful. You know there are more things of value than what you can see, touch or feel, but you need to stay connected all the same.

TAURUS:  You may be attempting to deny your intense feelings at the moment, and directing your energy towards money making concerns instead. But behind your rather cool exterior you will feel hurt, if anyone slights or thwarts you. Try to be honest and don’t let others off the hook. You’ll be struggling to decide on a plan of what your next move should be. When you look ahead you may be unclear about what you want or indeed how to reach your goals.
GEMINI:  Close partners may be rather distant or just preoccupied with work and duty. They will be landing added responsibilities onto your shoulders which won’t be welcome. Just regard muddles and setbacks at work and elsewhere as part of life’s rich pattern. You’ll be understanding that you can go with the flow and let the currents take you where they will. You’ll get back on track soon and winning probably isn’t on the cards today, so don’t fight it.
CANCER:  Although you like to think of yourself as being never pushy, you’re always there for the right people when needed. Just have a care since you tend to be negative, rarely praising but always find flaws to criticise in yourself and others. Part of the problem is you have put certain people on a pedestal so everyone else won’t match up to your ideals. You will end up feeling let down if you invest too much hope in someone else having all the right answers.
LEO: You will need to work harder to be outgoing with Saturn around putting a damper on self-expression. You do have to watch a tendency to turn everything into a chore. You may find yourself being disappointed or let down especially where joint finances and intimate emotional relationships are concerned. Maybe you need to be more discriminating, since you can with these influences around attract yourself to not very reliable partners or advice.
VIRGO:  You’ll be putting quite a burden on yourself, being strict about getting everything done perfectly. The same goes for loved ones at home. Just don’t get too rigid about everything. Life needs a little relaxation and even sloppiness around to make it feel comfortable. Neptune in Pisces for you can bring links with creative or highly sympathetic companions. This can be lovely, but it can also mean you find them rather inaccessible at times, disappearing into their own inner world.
LIBRA:  You’ll be having doubts about speaking out. You imagine you are less bright or less good with words than you would like, and get discouraged when others do not listen to your opinions.If your energy is low you will be exploring subtle ways of improving your physical stamina. Just try to avoid getting caught up in any cranky ideas, odd diets or other cures which have not been solidly tested. Where your health is concerned, you are becoming much more interested in alternative treatments.
SCORPIO:  You will feel a touch jittery about love or money. Maybe you do need to loosen up a bit and understand that your insecurity comes from an over rigid attitude. You could let go slightly without going bankrupt overnight. Underneath you’ll be in a blissfully romantic mood, looking for that wonderful love but you may be a touch perplexed as lovers turn out to be weaker than you imagined. Maybe they are looking to you as a saviour, when really you could do with a prop for yourself.
SAGITTARIUS:  At home you won’t find it easy to bring emotional differences into the open but it is important that you try. Be as honest as you possibly can be. Do not tell little white lies even for the sake of keeping the peace or being nice. Try to make loved ones be straightforward as well. Sticking out difficult situations is your great strength now though you may find it more difficult to be flexible or soften your approach.
CAPRICORN:  You may be more anxious than one situation merits. Looking back regretfully you may live too much in the past, worrying over old slights and hurts, although you will have a deep understanding of the suffering of others, and can really work hard to relieve it in a practical way. This may be a difficult time to keep secrets since they seem to slide out into the open at quite the wrong moment unexpectedly. Try to lay your cards on the table firmly but tactfully. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:  There will be an odd mood around today, both dreamy and rather worrying. You may be less gregarious or sociable than usual, but the friends you can call on are the really loyal, steadfast ones. Have care since you will be vaguer about money than usual, maybe careless, even irresponsible. Neptune around makes you feel that being too materialistic is somehow beneath you. But you have to keep your feet firmly on the ground if you are not to make yourself insecure.
PISCES:  You will be hard working, reliable and conscientious at the moment, though a touch over serious about your responsibilities. You will need to stick to the straight and narrow no matter what the distractions or muddles around. Just try not to get weighed down by self-doubts. Every person you meet seems to give you different feedback, or brings out a different strand of your personality. So you may become more muddled as you try to put all the pieces of the jigsaw puzzle together.


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