Horoscope for October 10, 2015

courtesy: Marjorie orr

aries ARIES:  Keeping your stamina high will be crucial now, since you are being landed with a good many chores. So watch your diet, not in the sense of eating less but maybe more sensibly, and give yourself things that are going to be of positive benefit rather than pull your energy further down. Just don’t get obsessed with everything being perfect. You can be careful, rather cautious, to the point of getting gloomy at the moment. Try to keep the big picture in mind.

TAURUS:   More emotional than usual at the moment, you may be over-sensitive to the slightest whiff of criticism. Try not to sound too defensive, when most often it will not be necessary. If you are a little wary of being on your own, put a bit of energy and effort into finding someone nice you can wrap yourself around. In the last resort wear your most comfortable clothes, snuggle up in a comfortable armchair with a good book. You’ll be more sympathetic than usual.

gemini GEMINI: Watch you are not spreading yourself too thin, scattering your attention over such a wide area. You do need to pause for thought once in a while, and see the broad picture. You can see both sides of a particular situation at the moment which is making you a little indecisive. Maybe you are trying to take too much information on board. Edit out the inessentials, and then make your own judgements. You will be moving smartly around a busy schedule.

CANCER:  It might be a good idea to go off and do the paperwork and sort out the budget if you can be bothered. Then you’ll be in a better position to know exactly where you are and what the surplus for spending realistically is. You may feel slightly controlling about your possessions, and not too happy to share. But a little generosity will be long remembered. You are taking a rather hard headed line at the moment, focussing on what is practical and sensible. cancer
leo LEO:  It’s very important that you’re not left on your own or pushed to one side just for a day or so. Ask for what you need, which is more pampering, indulging and feeling comforted. The Moon around in your own sign is the mothering energy but you definitely want to be on the receiving not the giving end. Tuned into the subtle undercurrents of the atmosphere around, you may become weighed down by other people’s feelings, so protect yourself at points by standing back.  
VIRGO:  You will want to be the one who takes the initiative since you are in a dynamic competitive mood and with Jupiter around bringing luck and vision, you will be more likely to succeed. Very definitely keen to keep up an appearance of good humour and success, you will be more dramatic in manner than usual. Let your flamboyant side rip. You want to be noticed. Just watch a tiny tendency to over indulgence since your girth could expand along with your confidence. virgo
libra LIBRA: The Moon is now moving through the signs before yours for a couple of days a month, and it’s a time to withdraw into peace and space. Just keep yourself to yourself. You probably don’t want to be too open, since everyone around seems preoccupied. You may feel they are ignoring you or indifferent to your feelings. But you shouldn’t take it so personally. You don’t feel you have to fight to get attention for yourself. You know your turn will come.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be in some ways quieter than usual but you’ll gain enormously from having time to plumb the depths of your imagination, find new inspirations and get yourself revived for a lucky phase starting after mid next year. Sidestep no-win discussions at home or within the family and give one close partner a good deal of elbow room. A secret supporter will be there when you need them most. Just be patient and persevering.

SCORPIO:   With your mind set on enjoying yourself, group efforts and future plans you are definitely in a zany, stimulating mood. At points you may also be rebellious and downright eccentric, just to make a point. You do need friends around to make you feel loved and appreciated. You want protection and advice about the long term. Obviously no one makes your mind up but you. But that doesn’t mean to say testing out ideas and picking up more information will not be useful.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  You will be focusing on your working situation in a way that says you want more attention, recognition and appreciation for your talents. So put your energy into doing things in a new and different way, really get out of the rut and make sure that other people are being well looked after. Maybe you feel you have to achieve to be loved, so you will be more compelled than usual to succeed. But don’t muddle up your emotional worth with outer success.


CAPRICORN: It is important to you now to have the freedom to speak openly and move around as it suits you. Wide open spaces are a must, since you will not appreciate being fenced in. If you can’t travel literally, you’ll travel in your mind. Get out the holiday brochures, read books with an exotic flavour, do anything that takes your mind off whatever is standard, expected and the same as yesterday. Aim to stretch yourself in at least one activity during this time. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Once a month for two days the Moon brings you into contact with insights or events that make you think about the deeper mysteries of life, what life is actually all about and how you can transform it. Stand steady for a while, to understand what is going on and how you can make sense of it. Then you can scamper back to normality again. You will feel deeply and be rather stubborn. Passions could rage within you and no one else would know.

PISCES: You will be turning your attention to your most personal relationships. Since you may be feeling just a bit more vulnerable than usual, it’s important that you give to help others settle and then in turn they are more likely to do the same for you. It’s a sort of each for each time. You will be chatting away meeting a good response from others since you have the knack of understanding what they want to hear and putting them at their ease.