Horoscope for October 20, 2015

courtesy: Marjorie orr

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY  your year ahead will be a time to turn your creative imagination loose and do some serious planning ahead. Don’t worry if circumstances won’t allow you to be as pro-active as you might wish initially. Just keep preparing. Surprising sources of inspiration will keep you on the right track and secret advice or support will turn up when you need it most. There will be some resistance at home to your ideas but be firm. Luck will come after mid-year.

ARIES:  You’re centre of the group at work and really making things work for everyone, so that’s important to focus on. Being sensitive and sym-pathetic will be part of your aim, but don’t end up being too fickle because it won’t be helpful. Oddly, you have no intention of fitting into the common mould now. You want to make a different impression on people, even if you’re seen as eccentric. If anyone pigeon holes you or tries to control you, they will be smartly told off.  
TAURUS:   You’ve got a great urge to get away from ruts and routines, from tedious chores, boring people and fly a little bit higher. You want to broaden your horizons, however you can. Maybe you have been sitting on certain feelings for too long. Things are beginning to bubble to the surface or come out into the open in unexpected ways. Though it may feel odd and life seems unpredictable, this process will ultimately free you of so much that’s been holding you back for too long.
GEMINI:  Don’t be possessive about property or hanging on sentimentally to memories. If you open up and stop controlling, then more will come. Team and friendship activities are not that easy at the moment. Your own attitude is rather fickle, laid back one moment and highly impatient the next. You will not bend to fit in, not even if it means friendships or working relationships part company. Try to be less extreme. There must be a middle path where everyone can be free to express themselves.
CANCER:  Aim for togetherness, for keeping things quiet, calm, harmonious and rather pleasant, and at the end of the day you’ll be glad you did, because relationships will have improved a lot. Just ignore any niggling worries you have about close partners, since it may all be in your imagination. You want excitement, so if you get into a situation which feels too secure, you will rock the boat just to feel better. The trick is to find outlets for your high energy without putting your job at risk.
LEO:  Your emotional life may be affecting your body more than usual. If you’re feeling a little jittered and jangled and don’t become aware of it, your body picks it up, so you end up with creaks and groans, sniffles and low energy. If you become aware of the psychological causes, it’s amazing how your body can cheer up. In spiritual matters, you will be experimenting and challenging everyone else’s views. You will follow your own road no matter what and not care what anyone else thinks or says.
VIRGO:  You will want to nurture loved ones and friends out there in the social scene. Just don’t mother them and smother them, because they may not all take to it very kindly. Keep singing, dancing and laughing and you reach the same result of boosting everyone’s morale. You are wondering whether it is wise to make long term commitments at the moment, financial or emotional. Your hesitation is probably wise unless you have thought things through very clearly. Give it a week or two until the dust settles.
LIBRA:  You can see that you’ve acted without thinking things through clearly. With more understanding you can prevent yourself ending up in this place in future. Fitting square pegs into round holes never works, but the problem at the moment may be you aren’t clear what emotional environment will suit you. You are demanding more personal freedom but in a slightly erratic way. Your nearest and dearest may find you contradictory in your attitudes to agreements. One moment you’re happy to give way, the next obstinate.
SCORPIO:  You seem to be giving of yourself in a way that others can really tune into at an emotional level, which is extremely positive. Just try to pause for breath and for thought once in a while. What you need at work is more freedom to work as suits your mood and your talents. You no longer wish to fit in with other people’s expectations, so following orders is not as easy now as it once was. Basically, what you want is to have your own niche.
SAGITTARIUS:   You’ll be very attached to the good things, which can make you possessive, so you have to look more laid back than you feel. Independence and excitement are your watchwords. Compromise isn’t what you have in mind, either at work or play. What you want, you intend to have. Inhibitions and advice may be tossed aside as you rave it up socially and romantically, but you’re not the only one in a mood to be challenging, so give everyone as much leeway as you want for yourself.
CAPRICORN:  You need to belong, to be loved, cuddled and cosseted, so look for reassuring companions who will give you help and support and be an anchor for you. Try to avoid overreacting to situations. The home you want now is much more up to the minute, high tech and individually tailored to meet your highly personal needs. Uranus, planet of innovation, is in your chart area, which rules home and family matters, so you are aiming for an unusual domestic setting, without too many ties or rules. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:    You will feel like pulling back from too much company or rushing around. Emotionally you want to protect yourself, to get a chance to mull over highly personal matters. Maybe you sense companions are preoccupied. They’re tied up in what they’re doing, and treat it as a blessing in disguise. You can be extremely inventive in your thinking and speaking, really on the button, but you can also be absent minded. Write your bright ideas down the instant you have them, otherwise they will be forgotten.
PISCES:    If you are feeling a bit gloomy, just know it’s going to pass by so quickly that it’s not worth paying much attention to. Nothing ever stands still for long with the Moon around. You can be idealistic about money now, preferring not to be bogged down in petty materialistic concerns, or feeling that money should be used for humanitarian purposes. Just try to be sensible as well as generous. Charity begins at home and you need to ensure you have a stable base.


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