Horoscope for October 23, 2015

courtesy: Marjorie orr

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY  your  year ahead will be filled with affectionate, warm hearted and frivolous friends, so you won’t be left idle for a moment. You’ll be looking ahead optimistically and sorting out longer term plans. Try to lighten up a little in your everyday dealings at work and elsewhere. At times you’ll sound too intense, forceful or stubborn. You’ll insist on having the freedom of room to follow your own original ideas and methods and won’t appreciate interference.

ARIES: You may come across just now as stubborn, insisting on sticking to your own plans. You need to stand your ground, but you also need to be flexible and compromise where necessary to get agreement. In your love life you’ll want stability, want to keep things as they are, so watch that you don’t get bit smothering or restrictive with loved ones. Both of you need to realise that relationships have to grow, to stay alive and open. If you clutch too much, clearly that won’t happen.
TAURUS:  Another half in life at home and at work will be more vital to your well-being and fulfilment than usual. Co-operation is top of your priority list at the moment since you know you feel slightly more vulnerable and insecure than usual. Flying solo will make you feel slightly exposed. Your diplomatic skills and way of putting others in the spotlight of your attention will keep you popular and much appreciated. You have a specially wonderful way at the moment of entertaining others and keeping them amused.

GEMINI:  You will be taking steps to find a congenial working atmosphere, because you need to feel what you are doing is valued. Don’t over push yourself, or become tense, but work steadily to improve your efficiency. Health is of more interest to you than usual. You will be taking greater interest in what you eat and your general well-being. If you are feeling a touch under par or just delicate, then look after yourself sensibly and adjust your physical lifestyle to suit your stamina.
CANCER:  Your creative talents could be finding a better outlet now, so push to find the self- discipline to make more use of them. You want to be around entertainment more than usual, especially music or the theatre. Children will bring you more please than usual and you will thoroughly enjoying playing their games. You’ll definitely want to be close to that special someone. You’ll sidle up to them and tell them exactly what you think of them – in the nicest way.
LEO:  With the Sun now moving across the base of your chart, which rules home and family, you’ll want a quieter few weeks with those close. However, today will give you a yearning for something more intense, so you could become infatuated or fascinated with someone new, so it could be the trigger for a new relationship that will then last hereafter. It can also bring up jealousy or envy in relationships you already have, so watch your step slightly.

VIRGO:  Whether you are speaking or writing, you will find the words flow easily. There may be more encounters now with brothers and sisters, or everyday workmates or neighbours, since you will want to be constantly on the move round familiar faces. You’ll have very powerful energies working in your love life, which can bring really positive though profound changes in the relationships you’ve got. But you’ll need to be open to change and you’ll certainly have to stay flexible.
LIBRA:  Be firm but not obstinate in negotiations or financial agreements in the weeks ahead. Generosity combined with balanced common sense will produce the best results. Today you’ll tend to hang on in there romantically and emotionally so there’ll be no switches on and switches off in your feelings. You could become possessive and jealous if you’re in a long-running relationship. You’ll also be tempted to manipulate a tiny little bit since you’ll want your own way.
SCORPIO:  Your personal appearance is more important to you than usual, and any extra thought and effort that goes into your wardrobe and hairdo will be well received. Suddenly you feel you have the force of personality to carry others along in your wake. You’ll want passion in your life, or something rather unusual. Anything that gets you away from everyday ruts and routines. You’ll want to have more depth in your relationships, or will look for other relationships in which you can really consume yourself.
SAGITTARIUS:   Your sensitivity to the needs of others will make you a good listener. You may find yourself counselling others more than usual. Watch a little since you will tend to soak in the emotional undercurrents around you a little like a sponge. Protect yourself against friends who are jangled, or gloomy, so you might end up the same way. If you can try to be more frivolous than you’ll feel, you will find that you can flirt and have fun and be happy-go-lucky.
CAPRICORN:  In the weeks ahead, you’ll prefer to be around more detached, less emotional relationships, or in loose networks where everyone goes their own independent way. A rather contradictory mix just now, you can be stubborn and rather tolerant at the same time. You could be a touch obsessive so you could become infatuated with someone you fancy. It’s important not to let the deep, dark side of Pluto get hold of you, because you can become too stuck in a relationship that isn’t good for you. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:    Maybe your heart is having to take second place to career matters, but there is a time of year for striving and a time for sinking into familiar surroundings or playing. Just concentrate on what is important for now. You may feel a little separated from loved ones, because you’ll tend to magnify everything. You’ll get slightly melodramatic about small things, all wound up about something that you need just to wind yourself back down about, so keep a good sense of humour handy.
PISCES:    You will be avoiding boring chores and anything that requires you to cope with the small detail of everyday living. You like to keep the broad picture in mind, the bird’s eye view and leave the trivia to others. You will be mulling over your philosophy of life, those belief systems which give you a guide for your actions. Quite the armchair philosopher at the moment you are thinking deeply about life and want to swap ideas with friends.


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