Horoscope for October 25, 2015

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ARIES: You can make your most ambitious visions come true as long as you are realistic about how long it will take. Trying something new requires a commitment, so don’t embark upon a new endeavor unless you are ready to give it your all for the long haul. Losing interest after a few days is not acceptable — it could cause you to abandon something that has great promise. It’s time to buckle down and really stick to what you want. That’s the only way to make it happen.
TAURUS:   If someone has rubbed you the wrong way one too many times, you have a choice about how you can handle the situation. You can get in their face and give them a piece of your mind, or you can stop including them in your daily life as much as possible. If you think that you need to vent, then you should go for the first option. But if you would rather not tick anyone off, it’s best just to retreat and avoid this person for a while. Sooner or later, they will get the message.
GEMINI:  Someone who is really different from you may appear. It looks like they could really shake up your world — in a good way! They’ll show you that there are different ways of approaching the problems you are facing. This is a positive person, not someone you should feel intimidated by or afraid of. Their background is different from yours, and could trigger some silly suspicions that you must immediately push aside. Think the best of all the new people you encounter today — each of them has something great to offer you.
CANCER:  Watch for different ideas when you’re working with others today, because that’s where the next brilliant idea will lie. Your ability to see something fully formed when it’s still in its earliest stage is incredibly strong now — you can see things before they are things, basically. Apply this ability to the ‘so crazy they might work’ ideas people are batting about, and you just might see a way to make them happen. This is a great day for problem solving and for brainstorming.
LEO:  Rigid works with yard sticks, but not with people. If you expect people to bend to your wishes every once in a while, then you must bend to theirs every once in a while — it is only fair. Today, it could be your turn to be the adaptable one in an important relationship. If they want to meet at a later time, meet at a later time even if it might not be as convenient for you. If they want to go to a certain movie that you’re not thrilled about, go anyway — give in and give them the final say.
VIRGO:  The conflicts or challenges that are going on in your life right now may be making it tough for you to stay smiling all day long, but are they really all that bad? Give them another look, and you just might see a silver lining in all those clouds. Be open-minded about the fact that things happen for a reason — and you will know what the reason is soon enough. Good friends offer words of encouragement that can help put things in perspective and keep you chugging along.
LIBRA:  You are getting along extremely well with others right now. Even those people who usually rub you the wrong way are suddenly amenable to your wishes — and you are amenable to theirs! It’s like there is some major harmony happening in the world, and someone just let you in on it. This revelation will strike early in the day and by late afternoon, it will enable you to get a lot done, especially if you have been working on any type of negotiations. Everyone wants the same thing right now, so make the most of it.
SCORPIO:  Your sense of love for your family members is growing even stronger right now, but you should acknowledge the fact that said family members are not perfect. It’s important to have a realistic view of the people you love in order to have more harmony at home. Don’t expect too much of the people who have disappointed you recently. They are working on improving, but those changes can’t happen overnight. Be patient, stay close to home, and try not to talk about any too-painful topics, for now.
SAGITTARIUS:   This is a great day to deal with strangers — especially those who hold some power over your life. Judges, teachers, bosses, and even police officers will be totally enchanted by your charm and kindness right now. Your wit is sharp and your energy is positive — people know that when they are dealing with you, they are dealing with a high quality person who can be trusted. Do not take advantage of the power you have today — or you will be sure to lose it tomorrow.
CAPRICORN:  Doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results is one definition of insanity, did you know that? So if you are wondering why nothing is different in your life, maybe it’s because you have not been doing anything different in your life. Think about how you can change something about yourself, today. Even if you just try out a different fashion statement, you will create a ripple effect in the rest of your life. You can’t expect your life to change if you won’t. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:    Don’t be afraid to look for (and find) mistakes in your work — after all, isn’t it better to discover something that you did wrong yourself, rather than have the big boss or teacher discover it? Sure, it might require more energy or time to proofread or double check something, but instigating a positive change is always worth the extra effort. You need to build a reputation as someone who gets it right, not just someone who gets it done on time.
PISCES:    You’ll be quick to pick up and understand very complicated issues, today — your brain is sharper than ever, and ready for input! This means that right now is the perfect time for you to sign up for a class, start a challenging novel, or try your hand at learning a new hobby. Learning is a snap for you right now. Devote yourself to more intellectual tasks. You will get a great sense of reward out of teaching yourself something new. Experience something that tests you.


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