Horoscope for October 27, 2015

courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your your  year ahead will be rather ambivalent since you’ll be pulled between your head and your heart. Try not to jump to conclusions especially where one close relationship is concerned. Be patient and let the dust settle before making long term decisions. Luckily enthusiastic friends will be around with support and keep you looking hopefully ahead. Your working life will be changeable, so be ready to move or adapt new methods if there are new opportunities.

ARIES: In astrology, money and sex occupy the same area of the chart which may sound weird, but both are confidential matters, require a tangible exchange, and usually end up in some kind of a power struggle. Try to be firm but flexible now if you are trying to reach better understandings with close partners in either area. You want to disappear into your private retreat, harbouring dreams of faraway places. Exploring your artistic talents could be a relief since it will take you constructively into fantasy land.
TAURUS:  You are unwilling to make compromises that are being demanded by someone close, but you aren’t sure whether you wish to cast yourself adrift. Let the dust settle before committing yourself. You may be uncertain about your future plans but your intuition will serve you well. There are times when you need to set your plans now and stick to them rigorously but this isn’t one of them. You need to wait to see what happens after more water has flowed under the bridge.
GEMINI:  Keeping yourself healthy is always discussed as if it only applied to your body. You know you have to get yourself into good shape now physically, but it is also important to look after yourself psychologically. Think about what calms you down, and make sure that today at least you schedule that activity into the diary. Muddles in your career may be happening because you are not taking a practical approach to certain detailed matters. You can be successful if you find a down-to-earth helpmate.
CANCER:  What you really want is both the freedom of a network of friends, and the adoration of close partners. It may test your ingenuity but it is possible. If you feel confused at times about what your opinions on a crucial subject should be, find a hard-headed partner who can sort out the nuts and bolts for you. The more you toss ideas around the clearer you will become. You are struggling to reach better meanings, but you will need help.
LEO:  The best way to get more attention is to run around being of service to companions. Give them what they need and they’ll appreciate you thoroughly, but you also need have time to find yourself, so divide yourself between quiet moments with your feet up and busy patches where you rush around being helpful. You’ll have strange feelings, a need for something that lies beyond everyday reality. You just have to watch along the way that you push yourself to pay attention to everyday details especially around money.

VIRGO:  If you are getting slightly bored meeting the same companions all the time, you need to reach out for more adventurous mates who can bring you a sense that life can have less restrictions and limits. Allow your imagination to soar and see where you can aim higher. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. You are quite telepathic at the moment, sensing what is not spoken, or knowing about events before they happen. It may help you understand what is going on with close partners.
LIBRA:  If you are of a mind to do a little clearing out, try not to throw away too much. If you are too impulsive, you may want to backtrack in a few days’ time. Moderation in all things is a good motto. You will not be able to over push your body by overwork, or excess of any kind, since with Neptune around your system will reject anything that feels damaging. Your need to treat yourself with kindness and delicacy, then your physical self will respond well.
SCORPIO:  The time to take stock of one close relationship has come. Every so often you need to revise your agreements to keep pace with the changing circumstances of your life. Try work out what is important to you in the longer term, not just your whims of the moment. You need to be wary of over idealising your mate or your children. If you do then you will see what you want to see and when the reality finally dawns, you will become unsettled and maybe even bitter.
SAGITTARIUS:   Maybe you have to find a little more will power now to get out into the world and tackle practical matters. You may be seduced by the thought that doing less would make you feel better, but if you exert yourself, you will feel more virtuous and energetic. If you can be sensible and grounded then you could ultimately make your dreams of a blissful home life come true, though it may take time. Just watch unrealistic ideas about family or even property. They could cost you dear.
CAPRICORN:  Sometimes in the rush and scramble of coping with everyday matters and an active social life, you lose track of what you really want for yourself. Allowing that vital inner spark to shine out is more important than fitting in with everyone else’s expectations. You will be more sensitive at this time, though you will not always be able to trust what your hunches tell you. You could lose sight of vital details because you are so busy looking at the underlying connections that link them together. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:    Maybe loved ones are beginning to mutter unhappily that they never see you. Take the hint and find time for your nearest and dearest. You have ambitions to fulfil and commitments, but you also need to lead a more balanced life where there is play and relaxation as well as work. Rather soft hearted, you may be taken in by a good sob story and need to be more hard headed and discriminating when it comes to cash or you could be disappointed.
PISCES:    In order to make one important decision, you have to arrive at the correct standpoint yourself. This may mean delaying until you have pondered on various different possibilities. If you try to be all things to all people it will not work. You will be able to move closer to other people since your barriers are down. This will bring you more sympathy but it will also bring a positively telepathic understanding of close companions, quiet hunches which will prove to be spot on.


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