Horoscope for October 30, 2015

Grow with Us

courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be kind, compassionate and creative. You may find certain loved ones elusive or pre-occupied. Try not to be hurt. Just leave them to their own devices and don’t worry so much. Your everyday schedule will be challenging with too much pressure at times. But you’ll have a wide circle of fun-loving and supportive friends and team mates around to take the strain. Try to express your viewpoint with wit and levity. Being too intense won’t work.

ARIES: There are sensitive influences around which that make you aware of the subtle undercurrents in life. But it may also be that you are too self-sacrificing. You turn yourself into a doormat because you want to help other people. You will notice you are increasingly sensitive to the subtle energies and undercurrents around which will make you helpful to those in need, since you will tune in to their problems. But you will have to protect yourself so you don’t become over loaded with other people’s problems.
TAURUS:  Today can be a very kind, very creative, very spiritual day. It’s just not very down-to-earth. Everyone around will tend to be head-in-the-clouds including you. You seem to be surrounded by sympathetic or artistic friends, who are delightful at times and maddeningly vague at others. If you feel let down by any of them, ask yourself whether you pitched your expectations too high in the first place. Maybe they are just what they always said, and didn’t promise more.
GEMINI:  If you go charging into some very strenuous task, you may end up feeling a little bit discouraged and undermined. Nothing practical will work out quite as you planned. Or your energy will not see you out of the end of it. You have wonderful dreams, but you also need to have your feet on the ground. You do want to be more helpful, self-sacrificing and charitable at work and in your community activities, although you may be going about it in a rather unrealistic way.
CANCER:  It’s not a very self-assertive kind of energy today and maybe you’re not standing up for yourself strenuously enough. You just disappear off into daydreams, which can be great in itself, but staying in touch with reality will help as well. You are questioning almost all your old beliefs and opinions at the moment. Do you know what you want? No is the simple answer, but if you don’t keep asking, you will not find out what you need to know. Just give yourself time.
LEO:  This is not a day to start some vast project or run up mountains. It’s more a day to float along the river or lie on your water bed. You will be very sensitive to the undercurrents so you need to avoid jangled jarring companions. You will have to guard yourself against taking people at face value in financial negotiations and partnerships. You will all too easily allow yourself to be misled into trusting people who are unreliable, unrealistic and, on occasion, downright dishonest.
VIRGO:  Whoever you come into contact with today is going to find that they feel better by the end of it. Maybe you think you are just being very sweet and very kind, but Neptune around has a real healing quality about it. Soothing can be curing as well. You will believe the best of everyone, and only see what you want to see. This is hardly helpful when it comes to practical matters. Resolve to be utterly realistic, especially where work partnerships are concerned.
LIBRA:  It’s not a practical day for push-push-pushing. Find time for quiet reflection, trying also to be as helpful as you can to other people. Just don’t expect miracles of yourself. Your hunches will be good, your intuitions strong so trust them. Neptune makes you want to be even more helpful than usual, even charitable in the work you do, lending a hand where needed. It can also lower your energy levels and concentration at times, so don’t force the pace or demand too much of yourself.
SCORPIO:  Basically, you can’t be bothered. All you really want to do is put your feet up in a chair and daydream your way through the day. If you can manage it without upsetting your schedule, well, why not? You may have a head full of romantic daydreams and fantasies, but watch you do not attract lame ducks looking for a saviour. Kindness may get the better of common sense and you will end up feeling discontented if you’re not careful.
SAGITTARIUS:   Don’t go leaping into very strenuous jobs or projects or tasks, because you won’t be able to find the enthusiasm to tie up the loose ends. Be sensible and down-to-earth about what is possible and what isn’t. You are struggling to make your dream of an ideal home and family life come true, though you could be feeling a touch let down. What you imagined has not yet come to pass. Sort out misunderstandings as soon as they occur with a little tact and forgiveness.
CAPRICORN:  Don’t be discouraged if you have odd worries about things, because your imagination is probably running away with itself. Just don’t go pushing yourself ahead when you feel like hanging back. Trust your instincts. You may not be able to pin down or bring out into the open what has gone wrong. There seems to be crossed lines, mixed messages or unclear communications around. All of which will make your everyday routines or work encounters confused and uncertain. But it is only temporary. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS:    The Sun is now in flowing aspect to Neptune so you will want to really be closer to other people. Neptune is about being idealistic, sympathetic, compassionate, but it’s also to do with your ideals and your visions in life, so you have to think through where you’re going and how you’re going to get there. You may feel confused or uncertain and that your security is being undermined. But then again, do you really care? Neptune can make you spaced out and rather careless.
PISCES:    Maybe it’s important to go off by yourself and meditate. Get a clearer idea of what everything is doing in your life and where you want it to go from now on. If you can channel your energy more in spiritual directions, you’ll find it brings you peace, quiet and harmony. You’ll feel vague, but especially about your sense of identity and direction. What is also does it soften your defences making it easier for you to draw close to certain companions, and appear very sympathetic.