Horoscope for October 9, 2015

courtesy: Marjorie orr

aries ARIES:  In demand at the moment for your bright ideas, witty way with words, and diplomatic knack of putting others at ease, you are guaranteed a positive response almost everywhere you go. You will not delegate as well as usual but must learn to cut down your workload otherwise you will not cope. Either you need to offload the trivia onto other shoulders, or cut down the breadth of your schemes to a manageable size. You may as a result over load yourself unnecessarily.

TAURUS:   Companions may be quailing a little when you come around at the moment since you are so observant. Try to let them know your intentions are basically good hearted behind your rather clinical approach. Romance could be on the cards now with Jupiter around. Oddly enough as you have learned to be more confident and like yourself better, you are finding that other people do as well. You don’t feel the need to apologise for your shortcomings. Your social self-confidence will soar.

gemini GEMINI: Mates secretly admire your courage for being so outspoken, though at times they wonder about your lack of humility. Still nothing ventured, nothing gained as far as you are concerned at the moment. Over eating can be a minor problem since you adore nurturing yourself or even better being mothered. At home you should find more of a sense of peace is possible where there has been tension. You have a sense that outer achievements are less important than finding roots and security.

CANCER:  More emotional than usual at the moment, you may be over-sensitive to the slightest whiff of criticism from a loved one. Try not to sound too defensive, when most often it won’t be necessary. At work you’ll be pleased at how well you are expressing yourself now. So on the whole relationships with everyday folk neighbours and workmates, even brothers and sisters, should generally be more harmonious. You have managed to smooth down a few rough edges and are putting everyone at their ease. cancer
leo LEO: Because you see the truth of one situation clearly you may be coming across as rather critical. Try to add tact to honesty, and make it obvious to mates that you don’t mean to cause harm. You will like to live better than before, and should be attracting money, security and the better things of life. Accumulating possessions is important to your sense of well-being though you need to watch a tendency to put too much value on purely materialistic things.
VIRGO:  You will want to be the one who takes the initiative since you are in a dynamic competitive mood and with Jupiter around bringing luck and vision, you will be more likely to succeed. Very definitely keen to keep up an appearance of good humour and success, you will be more dramatic in manner than usual. Let your flamboyant side rip. You want to be noticed. Just watch a tiny tendency to over indulgence since your girth could expand along with your confidence. virgo
libra LIBRA: You are quick witted at the moment and at times rather sharp of tongue, so you will need to pause to think before you speak. Mates could be startled by your direct comments. Though oddly you’ll also be happy to sacrifice yourself to help special people in your life and not feel too martyred. You will be appreciating music, movies and other creative entertainments even more than usual. All you really want to do is bliss out, preferably with your feet up.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be chatty, restless and go ahead. You’ll have secret supporters and inspiration will appear when you need it most to put you on the right track. Give yourself space to reflect and relax. There may be tensions at home or within the family and one partner will be unpredictable. So you’ll enjoy having quality time to enjoy your own company. Nearer next birthday you move into a new cycle of good luck and expansion.

SCORPIO:  You have a real understanding of other people’s suffering at the moment, which gives you added sympathy and will make a supportive listener. You don’t feel you have to fight to get attention for yourself. Your turn will come. In some ways you want to be of use to society and help to make the world a better place to live so you’ll be seeking out like-minded people to help you with your ideals. Try to be confident about the long term.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  You’ll be very open to new ideas, especially ones likely to upset others, because you have a slightly rebellious streak about you. You have the courage of your convictions and will not be swayed by criticism, but you’ll enjoy having a lively discussion. And the stars are bringing luck to all your ambitions and your desire for social status. You’ll be more conventional than usual, but watch a tendency to be too pernickety about everything being done precisely to the letter of the law.


CAPRICORN: You will have no time for vague discussions which don’t go anywhere. Maybe you are right but perhaps you just need to put your views across more subtly. If you try to force your beliefs on others, then it can arouse resentment. You can be a real armchair philosopher, with opinions always ready to deliver. If you can remain tolerant and open to different viewpoints, you have a naturally easy way with people, which means you can sweep them up in your enthusiasms. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: With Mercury nearing the highest point of your chart, you are rather lofty in your interests, and you definitely want more mental stimulation. You are coming across as fair-minded, tolerant and enthusiastic, so you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views. On the cash front you can expect a blossoming of joint finances in the near future. Either business finances or your partner’s situation begins to improve dramatically. Small bonuses should come your way in the coming months.

PISCES: Maybe you do need to sit down briefly and talk through certain money matters with close partners now that Mercury has gone direct. Everyone has to be clear what the agreements are. Close relationships of all varieties are improving enormously and you are attracting supportive partners in the months to come, both at home and at work. Jupiter brings an expansive air of ease, enthusiasm and tolerance to everything it touches and in this case both love and business partnerships prosper.


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