Horoscope for September 1, 2015


aries ARIES: You could be seduced into situations which turn out not to be what you hoped. You are feeling impressionable, more open to suggestive influences so be on guard. Make sure you know what you want before you get led by the nose. You’ll be in a morale-boosting mood with loved ones and even better they’re intent on making you feel good. If you can entertain, throw a party, go for a night out on the town, that will suit you to a T.
TAURUS: If you are tense, or a little on edge, look around to see who is standing closest. You may be over-sensitive to the undercurrents in the atmosphere around you. Soaking in unspoken feelings or problems can make you feel weighed down without quite knowing why. Sorting out fact from fantasy, truth from other people’s illusions is not always easy, but it is important you do. You have everything you need now, whether it’s security or the wonderfully indulgent things of life. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  One dilemma does not appear to have a solution at the moment. Maybe you can’t change circumstances, but you can change your attitude. Don’t become discouraged and disappear into your own little inner world. Find at least one trustworthy mate to listen to your complaints. They may not come up with the answer but at least you will feel better. Now you’ll want to give yourself things that smell nice, taste nice, feel nice, are nice, all the better things of life.
CANCER: It can be a very mystical, rather enlightening time, but sometimes you get hunches that turn out to be right only half the time. You worry about things that will never happen. Try to get your worries under control, and be positive. Venus which is lazy, affectionate, indulgent, extravagant is close to fiery Mars boosting you up. The combination of the pair of them means that you’ll be getting on tremendously well with those close and making a real effort to make connections. cancer
leo LEO: Focus in on the activities or companions who are going to make you feel good, in a quiet kind of way. You won’t want anything too demanding or strenuous for a while. Pamper and protect yourself. Treat yourself like a china doll that needs careful handling. Take a wide berth round anyone who looks like causing aggravation. All you really want is to make that special someone in your life happy. You’ll be lively and encouraging so you’ll be able to boost their morale.
VIRGO: You may feel you are in a rather undermining situation, or certain plans are dissolving under your feet. Then just give it a couple of days till the dust settles and you will be much more decisive about how to cope. You really don’t want to go flying into robust discussions just yet. So tread water. Now you’ll feel you’re very attractive, giving out the right kind of vibes. You’ll be looking good, and that will certainly attract the right people to you.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, enthusiastic, lucky and hopeful. Though you may find one close partnership is going through a confusing time with neither of you sure what you want your commitments to be. You’ll be working behind the scenes with great glee and pulling strings where necessary to get others to dance to your tune. Effort will be needed to get your home life organised as you’d like. Money will be up and down.

libra LIBRA: A rather betwixt and between kind of time. You may be feeling fidgety and footloose, but can’t really get up the energy or your head together enough to do anything too dramatic. So you may end up dissatisfied or discontented with whatever you decide to do or not do. Just be sensible about not starting what you’ll not want to finish. You’ll adore everyone who isn’t boring or dreary, being happy to fit in with others as long as you get lots of attention.
SCORPIO: Now what you want, you want rather urgently. Needs and desires are very prominent. You’ll not be timid about saying what you fancy or what you feel. So you’re very outgoing and others will be responding tremendously well to you. But don’t get panicky because everything is not going to plan. The influences around temporarily are not good for ego boosts or lifting your self confidence. They will slow you down which is not a bad thing. So just go with the flow. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: It’s important to be as straightforward as you can manage. Don’t tell little white lies, not even for the best of all possible reasons, because that won’t do you any good. They’ll only slide out into the open at the wrong time and leave the wrong impression. Maybe you can get together with loved ones and channel your great energy into projects or activities. You’ll want everything to be beautiful round about you. If you make others happy they’ll do the same for you.
CAPRICORN: Your vim, vigour and bounce may be at a lower ebb than usual. Maybe you’ll want to take the path of least resistance, and do less rather than more. If you go with companions rather than against them, you can be swept along on their enthusiasm and energy. Today it’s important to find the happier, nicer, better people of life to be around. You don’t want grumpy people overly serious or too severe. All you’ll dream about are love and compliments, fun and frivolity. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Definitely a good time to look after yourself physically, but don’t expect miracles of yourself. It won’t be a good idea take up marathon training for instance, or expect yourself to be courageous. Frankly drifting along a river with someone else doing the rowing is more what you have in mind. Drift with the currents, flow with the tide. You certainly won’t be in a mood for dreary, routine chores. But you’ll attack anything that inter-ests you with a great deal of enthusiasm.
PISCES: Dreaming impossible dreams is a wonderful way to pass the time. The only two problems are when you start believing them. This may lead to disappointment. Enjoy your fantasy but know that it will probably stay just that unless you have some practical plans. It’ll be vital that you allow your fun-loving streak out to play. Just be aware that although there could be good news about money, you’re also spending as fast as you make it. Find the right kind of balance. pisces

courtesy: Marjorie Orr