Horoscope for September 10, 2015

If You Were Born Today, September 06 :      IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident and optimistic but you’ll also be happy to pull strings behind the scenes and enjoy quality time to yourself. You won’t always know what you want emotionally so give yourself space. One close relationship will be going through a muddled phase so just be patient. You’ll put effort in at home to reorganise everything as you want. You’ll be a commanding presence out on the social scene, making quite a stir.

aries ARIES: Your ability to sparkle in the spotlight at the moment is certainly attracting a stream of compliments, and maybe a few new admirers. There’s no doubt that you’ll be flirting, having fun, and trying to duck out of boring chores as much as possible. Your Moon is in flowing aspect to Mercury so you do have a capacity to intuitively understand feelings and emotional situations around you. Just watch but you are not getting too close to things. Reserve judgement on sensitive topics.
TAURUS: Maybe you are yearning for peace, bliss, harmony and perfection especially at home or in your family relationships. You are feeling lazy and indulgent so you will want to keep the peace at all costs, avoid rough edges and bad temper. Adding elegant touches to your intimate surroundings is a top priority. Having beauty around will make you feel happier. Get out the colour charts, buy a few more pot plants. It will feel like you’re building a new foundation in your life. taurus
gemini GEMINI: Thoughtful gestures from everyday companions are making you feel admired and appreciated. You are beginning to discover you do not have to move far from your normal routines to find affection. It may not be grand passion but it is rather pleasant. The Moon at a flowing angle to original Uranus will put the sparkle in your eye, since a small adventure beckons. You will definitely be in a mood for anything that gets you away from boring chores and tedious routines.

CANCER: You have a taste for what’s fine and elegant at the moment. But if your extravagances look like outrunning your budget then turn your creative skills to earning more money. All it takes is imagination and some effort. Then you can afford a good many more treats. You will find yourself in higher gear at home. You are determined to get things into shape but do beware a tendency to be a little too sharp at points. You could hurt sensitive feelings. cancer
leo LEO: Venus, planet of love and indulgence, is in your own sign for a while so admirers will not be in short supply. You will be wearing your heart on your sleeve, expressing your feelings of affection rather directly, and generally getting what you want. Your emotions may be getting in the way of reason because you are over heated, and you cannot always think as clearly as usual. You may be talking incessantly about trivia, so mates may not always follow your drift.
VIRGO: Love may not come as easily at the moment, partly because you are holding back, maybe over sensitive to rejection. You feel you would rather shut yourself away than let your feelings be seen. Maybe you do need a quiet time, just don’t let opportunities for romance slide by because you cannot force yourself to speak out about what you need. You may not stand up for yourself since you will dislike confrontations more than usual. Try to find the middle way in discussions. virgo
libra LIBRA: This is an emotionally light hearted patch when you’ll want to have a gang of buddies around. You will be spreading your social favours in all directions, not tying yourself down at any point. Safety in numbers will be your motto. You want a bit of a challenge to hold your interest. Expect the unexpected and you will not be disappointed. If there is a whiff of jealousy in the air you’ll be off, since you have no intention of treading anyone else’s line.

SCORPIO: If you have creative talents then make the effort to get them out on display to best advantage. You can turn your dreams into reality but you will have to discipline yourself. Venus will only be around for a few weeks so do not linger around too long. You could hurt sensitive feelings. At points you may feel like a volcano about to overflow. Maybe you’re not at your most sensitive and mates need nurturing and protecting not railroaded into over hasty action. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  Socially charming and more light hearted than of late, you want to mix with a much wider range of people, and perhaps to explore new leisure activities. You want to be out of your normal rut to find stimulation with companions who’ll stretch your mind as well as keep you entertained. Your mind will be wandering quite a bit so try to think before your speak. Write down bullet points before leaping into discussions. Add elegant touches at home to cheer yourself up.
CAPRICORN: Your heart is definitely in the right place at the moment, so you’ll be ironing out difficulties, soothing ruffled feathers and generally putting your best diplomatic foot forward. If you are trying to sell or recommend anything at the moment charm will be your greatest asset. Over eating can be one minor downside of Venus and the Moon snuggling up close since you want to make yourself feel pampered and adored, possibly by eating sweet or rich food. Divert these energies into something artistic. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: You’ll be utterly determined to get to the bottom of one emotional problem which has been niggling at you. You’ll be pushing hard to persuade others round to whatever it is that you want them to think. Try not to get so fixed and so rigid about seeing things the way they are, that you can’t see any alternative. Try to come across as fair-minded, tolerant as well as enthusiastic, and you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views.
PISCES: Your moods will be lively and unpredictable, and you won’t sit still for long. You’ll be skipping around looking for entertaining conversations, wanting to swap new ideas, and generally be off doing anything that isn’t routine. At times maybe you are being a touch too analytical about your feelings, standing back to dissect them, rather than plunging into emotional situations around you. If you can let go, you would find deeper connections and more fulfilling relationships. It’s a time for fun, laughter and enjoyment.

courtesy: Marjorie orr


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