Horoscope for September 12, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

ARIES: There’s rather high energy around at the moment which needs to be channelled sensibly. If you can find someone to argue with in a positive, constructive kind of way, so much the better. But eyeball to eyeball squabbles will not get you anywhere very fast. You’ll think, talk and move a good deal faster than usual. Maybe you are feeling a little fidgety. You’ll be flitting around with wings on your heels, so are never likely to be still. Take a few breaths occasionally.
TAURUS: You’re not in a mood to concentrate on practical details, but your mind is pretty sharp and rather clear. Try to find some way of using that without flaring up about trivial irritations. Maybe you will feel a little bit highly strung or wound-up now but you can make good use of your hyper-active state. You will be absolutely on the ball where discussions are concerned, having more than enough ideas or witty suggestions to keep the conversation flowing. Just don’t be too sharp.
GEMINI: If you are normally rather fierce and fiery be careful that you do not go slightly over the score. This is definitely not a time for sitting still. You will be whizzing around on short-distance journeys, or writing more letters than usual, making phone calls galore. You feel you just have to talk, talk, talk. Just watch a slight tendency to tell other people exactly what you think of their inadequacies and flaws. Needless to say that won’t go down too well.
CANCER: The influences around can be useful since your mind goes into overdrive. But it also moves your tongue into top gear, which can prove a distraction. You’re full of bright ideas, chattering away in grand style, determined to get your views across. Try to listen as well, since communication should be a two way process. You could pick up useful feedback. Write down a few bullet points before you start and that way you will not be distracted from your main points.
LEO: Clearly if we all said what we thought all of the time, life would be impossible. A little glossing over of criticism usually oils the wheels of friendships. But if you suppress too much, your true feelings usually leak out sideways and cause trouble anyway. So you might as well acknowledge what you do think, but gently. Your mind will be leaping from subject to subject at computer speed. Unfortunately, companions may be slower-witted than you, so slow down once in a while.
VIRGO: Be careful what you say as you rush along. Stubbed toe or foot in mouth could be the outcome if you’re not cautious. Be honest with yourself first and foremost about what you are trying to avoid. You zip on so quickly that you miss out on opportunities. It may go against the grain, but if you can pause to collect your scattered wits you’ll achieve more. If you rush ahead too fast you may get careless or cut corners. Then nothing works well.
LIBRA: No one will interfere or cross swords with you and emerge unscathed. But if you can indulge into a little creative discussion where no one takes offence but everyone speaks their mind firmly, then you will emerge with better ideas. A really bright, breezy mood will keep you fully stretched. You will be a positive fountain of inspiration. But trying to catch your stream of consciousness and bottle it may be trickier. You will not want to stop long enough to consolidate your thinking.
SCORPIO: If you let your irritability show then you’re likely to make the feeling infectious so everyone gets over heated. Then no one really listens. What you have to say is important, it just a question of strategy. More can mean less when it comes to tricky discussions. Be clear, concise and detached, then all can be done and dusted very quickly. It might be a good time to do outstanding paperwork. You’ll have good insights and a quick eye for what’s out of place.
SAGITTARIUS: In a rather competitive mood, you definitely want to say what you mean and mean what you say rather effectively. You will do it well, since your mind is sharp and clear. But you may talk in a way that just ruffles other people’s feathers. Try to add a few jokes to lighten the conversation. If you can go with the speed of your thinking and not trip yourself up, then you could motivate and encourage companions into joining in with your plans.
CAPRICORN: Don’t leap to conclusions and say the first thing that comes to mind. Think about the likely consequences of your comments on close companions, otherwise you will get a speedy response. You may be inclined to spread yourself a little thin at the moment because you are trying to handle six things at once. Get your list of priorities straight before you start. Then tick them off as you go along and you will end up feeling more than pleased with yourself. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: You are going to have to exercise some restraint, otherwise you’ll find yourself dashing into arguments and stirring up hornets’ nests. Be direct but try not to be too provocative. You may not be a list-making person, but it might be good idea, because you could end up forgetting things. Too many ideas are chasing round inside your head so you are at risk of getting in a muddle. Get some kind of structure to what you’re saying, otherwise you won’t communicate clearly.
PISCES: Maybe you do need to flush tensions out into the open. There are things that really need to be said. So if you can get it over and done with, you can clear the air once and for all. The trick is not to keep grinding on to the bitter end. Say just enough to make your feelings known and then move on. The old motto of be prepared is not a bad idea. Get everything in order before you launch into activity.