Horoscope for September 15, 2015

Horoscope for September 15, 2015

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aries ARIES: You may get yourself in a stew about a situation that really could not matter less. Try to shrug off suspicions, doubts and keep sharp comments to yourself. At the moment you are the diplomat par excellence. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and desire to keep the peace is doing wonders for your popularity. Your comments and opinions are sensible, so try to rely on your own judgement. Just now you have a tendency to take other people’s views too much into account.
TAURUS: This is a time when other people demand a lot of you. You are having to go out of your way to make sure that everyone is being well looked after. If you feel a bit emotionally squashed because of that, just give yourself a few tiny treats through this time. The better relationships in your life will weather the storms to emerge stronger and longer lasting. The circumstances now give rise land to heavier responsibilities, but it makes good bonds more long lasting. taurus
gemini GEMINI: Companions may become bored since they are not as involved as you are. Or even confused since you have an entirely different standpoint. But if you can be a little more detached you have a way of seeing things that others don’t. You may be ignoring certain details in your determination to see the broad sweep at the moment. But because of your carefulness and long term vision, you can plan well. Keep your feet on the ground and go where you are looking.

CANCER: Try to look on the bright side of things. Maybe you are seeing the difficulties rather than boosting your optimism at the moment. You will cope well with situations which are out of the ordinary but you may make normal situations more difficult than they need to be. Watch you aren’t getting too close to subjects to be able to see them clearly. You may be taking too narrow a view of one situation, selecting some facts and ignoring others for no good reason. cancer
leo LEO: The Moon is at a tricky angle to Uranus just briefly so you will be highly strung, or just rather rebellious at times. Right reason or none you are determined to protect your independence. You are making it your business to know everything about everybody at the moment, since you want to have all the necessary facts at your disposal. If the atmosphere around is too frazzled at the moment, try to find some quiet times, when you can collect your thoughts.
VIRGO: Maybe with loved ones at the moment you will be too sentimental or too sugary sweet on the surface. Try to be more honest about your feelings underneath. You will want beauty or luxury at home and your appetite may be more tempted than usual. At work your thinking and speaking is all directed to whatever has a practical or financial purpose, which is making you thoughtful. Others may carp about your slowness but you know it is vital to get everything right.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to make radical changes and demand more attention for your talents. Your confidence and enthusiasm will be high and in general positive thinking will bring good results. You’ll have to be determined at home to get everything reorganised to suit you and to sort out family tensions. If you’re cool and straight, then it should work out well. Money will come in, certainly nearer next birthday but you’ll still need to budget carefully.

libra LIBRA: Maybe you are too close to what is going on. Try to stand back to get more perspective on events. You need to separate out your head from your heart before you’ll see things clearly. Your boredom threshold is low, and you may jump into action, just to avoid the tedious process of making considered decisions which take account of all the facts. Let your original ideas have more space. If you want more elbow room, give jealousy or possessive mates a wide berth.

SCORPIO: You are playing your cards close to your chest, and don’t want to be manipulated. But in turn you may come across as slightly controlling. You may be feeling too sensitive on one score and interpret as criticisms things that others say which were never meant to hurt. Don’t over react until you have checked out what was intended. Your concentration for detailed or specialised chores is not great at the moment. You want to disappear into daydreams to protect yourself.

sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  You’ll be dancing off in all directions at once not sitting still for long. Sudden events at home will keep you on your toes and rather edgy. You will get jangled if anyone crowds you or tries to cramp your style. So let yourself be free to suit yourself. You have a sharp, fast moving mind now with Mercury in the inventive area of your chart. Remember to write things down since you might forget your brilliant inspirations as soon as you have them.

CAPRICORN: Mates will adore your easy going ways, so you should be able to pour oil on troubled waters with tact and diplomacy. You will want to know the common sense reasons for doing everything and will get irritated by work mates who rattle on about grand ideas and are prone to flights of fancy. Just try to let a little of your own creative imagination get to work. If your feet are too firmly on the ground, you will not get very far. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: Round and round in circles, chopping and changing your mind endlessly, you will confuse even your nearest and dearest. You will be covering the same ground sixteen times over, going round and round in circles. You will be feeling more impressionable than usual, and therefore changing your mind depending who is facing you. You need to be more detached and observant, since you may be missing vital facts. It could be a good idea to leave important decisions until your mind is clearer.
PISCES: The Moon is at odds with Pluto just briefly so you will tend to get pulled into tricky situations, and end up feeling a touch frustrated or blocked. You are fairly intense at the moment, maybe more stubborn than usual in discussions. You will have to confront those who share joint responsibilities with you, to sort out better agreements. If you cannot say precisely what you feel or think now you would rather stay silent. So companions may find you just a touch frustrating. “>pisces
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