Horoscope for September 18, 2015


courtesy: astrology.com

ariesARIES: If it feels like the powerful people are being too critical of you right now, try not to overreact. It’s not easy (or wise) to totally ignore the comments of influential folks, but right now it’s not constructive to dwell on what they find wrong with you, either. Move as far away from these people as you can, today. They could very well be looking for a scapegoat, and you should give them no indication whatsoever that you are up for the role. Do not take someone else’s blame.
TAURUS: Try to avoid giving bad news to anyone today — it will stir up some things that don’t need to be revisited. But if you absolutely have to relay negative news or feedback right now, be as tactful as you can about it. Avoid making jokes or using humor to deflect the tension — it will probably just backfire and make you look like you’re not taking the situation seriously enough. You are skilled at diplomacy, as long as you take the time to think your words through carefully.taurus
geminiGEMINI: Running around tending to errands will probably be the most physical exercise you will have time for, today — there are going to be a lot of people to pick up, things to drop off, and appointments to keep. But before you waste all twenty four of these hours being of service to other people, make sure you book an hour or two for some sanity-saving solo time. Even if it’s just taking a long hot bath before bedtime, you need to do something that is just for you!

CANCER: you should fight any urge you get to go it alone. At first glance, it might seem like it will be easier and faster to get things done by yourself — but you have to start reaching out for guidance and insight from other people if you want to get the most possible value out of today’s experiences. Connecting with others is not that hard right now, especially since the people you’ll be encountering are eager to connect with you. Accept an invitation, make eye contact, and smile.cancer
leoLEO: Spreading calm among bickering co-workers or friends will be quite easy for you to do today, because you have some clear insights into the issue they’re fighting about. You see things the way they are, unclouded by personal agendas or emotions. Helping others sort out their differences will make you feel good, too. Your remarkable skills in terms of relating to people might jump-start a new career direction. Your ability to combine complex viewpoints with clear-headed simplicity is extremely valuable!
VIRGO: You’ve had a long time to tidy up that messy situation, and you still haven’t finished the job! Tsk tsk. True, it’s no fun to apologize and admit you were wrong, but until you do you won’t be able to put this thing behind you. Today, you should tackle it head on. Start that conversation that you have been dreading. Put your cards on the table and encourage everyone else involved to do the same. Things will be so much more fun once everyone’s back to knowing where they stand.virgo
libraLIBRA: Have you been flirting with someone a lot lately? Look for that sassy situation to heat up quite a bit today! They are interested in moving things along rather quickly. Hang on: This one could be quite a bumpy (but enjoyable) ride! If romantic matters aren’t at the top of your list right now, then expect a flirtation of another kind to heat up. You’re going to have some time and opportunity to delve deeper into investigating a hobby or historic topic that you’ve been interested in learning more about.
SCORPIO: Check in with one of your more introverted friends today. As shy as you think they are, they have been doing some very exciting things with their life lately, and you should know about them. Things are rapidly changing in their life, and you could gain a lot of inspiration from the fascinating experiences they have to share. Sure, it might take some coaxing to get them to come out of their shell. But once you do, you will be glad you put forth the effort.

sagittariusSAGITTARIUS:  Instead of red faces and awkward silence, there will be a lot of laughter in the midst of an embarrassing situation today. Someone who thinks they can do no wrong will stumble spectacularly and be a source of entertainment for all. As you watch this person get their just desserts, remember that the same thing could happen to you if you ever get too big for your britches. Being humble is more than a tactic for getting people to like you — it’s the sign of a healthy ego.ruts.
CAPRICORN: Good relationship possibilities are all around you right now, whether you are looking for a new love, a new friend, or a new business networking connection. Today is a great day to initiate a conversation with someone you’ve always been a little bit shy around. You’ve had a little boost to your self esteem that will help you step right up to this person, hold eye contact, and share who you are. They’re bound to be impressed, don’t you think?capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: There are some very sensitive influences around at the moment that will make you aware of what the subtle undercurrents in life are. But you need to be careful how you react to those around you. You all too easily let people take advantage of you and suddenly you flip and want to be absolutely truthful about certain matters. Try to avoid being dramatic about it all. If you are too direct and don’t think about what you say before opening your mouth, you will ruffle feathers.
PISCES: Jupiter is now across the zodiac from Neptune. Jupiter is confident and expansive while Neptune is visionary, imaginative and not always realistic. It can be very kind, very creative, very spiritual day. It’s just not very down-to-earth. Everyone around will tend to be head-in-the-clouds including you. But you know that superficial answers will not do for you. You want to get right down to the roots of things, and will keep digging and investigating until you find out the answers and solutions that make you feel secure.“>pisces

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