Horoscope for September 19, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lovely, passionately enthusiastic and rather spendthrift. Luck will roll money your way but you’ll find irresistible temptations too much to ignore and may not end up with much surplus. At home you’ll want to put changes in place which may not always meet with agreement from those close, so tread lightly and be diplomatic. You’ll be determined to attract attention out on the social sign. Persistence will pay off.

ARIES: You will certainly have a strong attraction to the special people in your life. Because you’re in a very lively frame of mind, other people want to be around you. You will be cracking jokes, playing tricks and wanting to make the best of the situation that’s there. And you will be enthusiastic in promoting your strongly held beliefs. Waving the banner of your pet cause is one of your main hobbies at the moment. Almost anything you’re around today is going to sparkle more.

TAURUS: You will pull other people along with you, sweep them up in your enthusiasm. You’re in a good morale-boosting mood. Your friendships and working relationships should roll along more smoothly. No one is going to be allowed to be lack lustre or gloomy with you around. In your personal life, your need to be in charge could be leading to disagreements, though you will tend not to bring confrontations out into the open. You want the reins of control, but need to force yourself to share more.
GEMINI: Be yourself in a more open way and workmates or friends will respond positively. Why hide away or be timid? Give your self esteem a boost and just sashay out to enjoy the limelight. The yin and yang should be in balance so you will find that the odd compliment whispered in the right ear will lead to a very satisfying result. With Mars in your chart area of co-operation and close relationships, you are throwing yourself into joint or romantic encounters with a good deal of gusto.
CANCER: Venus rather emphasised is usually quite good about attracting the better things of life. It may well be you’re spending too much, but if you can turn your energies to earning more, you’ll find that one plan works much better than you expected. Don’t be scared about coming forward to do or say whatever you want. Your critical faculties are well honed which is valuable in checking accuracy, but it can lead to strained relationships at work. You never feel anyone else does things as well as you.
LEO: If you have been lazing around or feeling lethargic recently, today should provide just the injection of adrenalin you need to get you cracking along rather smartly. You will express yourself straightforwardly but so charmingly that everyone around will fall in line. You will be throwing yourself wholeheartedly into sports, love affairs or activities with children. You are coming across as dramatic in action, prone to theatrical gestures, not given to subtle hints or understatements.
VIRGO: This is a day for being genuinely friendly and outgoing. Old relationships will wake up a bit and new relationships will develop faster. You certainly want to be enjoying yourself and have no intention of sticking yourself in a corner or being landed with chores and routine. You need to be stimulated, fascinated and intrigued. You will also need to throw your energy into DIY or reorganising, otherwise the poor family will continually be getting told off for their shortcomings.
LIBRA: Suddenly you can see how to get certain situations or projects running the way you want. You have the vim, vigour and bounce to kick start whatever has become stuck. If you are not heard, you will just turn up the volume, or become sarcastic. You are not taking hostages in arguments and will not put up with anyone who gets in your way. Companions will be pleased to see that you’ve got some strength and will fit in with your plans more easily than you expect.
SCORPIO: If you’re imaginative or artistic, you should get one or two things done today. Sometimes creative influences make you daydream and nothing much happens. But Mars around is there niggling and pushing you into being more energetic. So you can turn even one tiny fantasy into reality. Good food, drink, beautiful clothes and house are all important to your sense of well-being. You should watch you are not being too materialistic in your approach since that could slow down your progress.
SAGITTARIUS: You should able to negotiate or discuss finances in a highly effective way now. There could be good cash news, perhaps new opportunities which you create by being rather direct. You may need to watch you are not being too passionately enthusiastic about spending too much. You will be keen to cut through red tape, confusion and indecision and get straight to the point. Luckily, you will not bear grudges for long at the moment but will fly ahead putting momentary squalls behind you.
CAPRICORN: You will find you’re particularly happy around other people, lively, more boisterous, and putting energy into getting other people’s approval. There is a tremendously light-hearted and dynamic feel about getting to grips with whatever is under your nose, and making the most of it. You should be able to push to get what you want without offending anyone now. Just mix a little charm with a great deal of dynamic energy and you’ll find the end result works to your advantage.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Your energy is flowing in exactly the right direction at work as well as socially. It is an excellent day for starting or even just forging ahead with new projects. You will feel healthy, exuberant and rather inspired so your efforts should have a positive outcome. This is the time to make long-term plans and see where you are going over the next few weeks and months. Setting your goals is crucial since you do not want to drift around aimlessly in the days ahead.
PISCES: There is a good combination of influences around today so you can be diplomatic and tactful, yet still be assertive, even pushy where it matters. If you do happen to stir up a little trouble by being too aggressive, then you will soothe, smooth and calm it all down just as quickly. You expect everyone to dance to your tune. Your straightforward approach will be cutting through barriers and getting to the point of situations faster than usual.
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