Horoscope for September 2, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be rather haphazard and stop start. Close partners at home and at work will be vague or evasive and you won’t feel totally supported at home within the family. Just keep your focus steady and stay positive. Luck will be there when you need it and you’ll find that resources and money will be drawn towards you. Out on the social scene you’ll be making a few waves and will make a determined effort not to be overlooked.

ARIES: Relationships with senior people at work or serious friends may not be that good since there are rather critical influences around which tend to show up flaws and inadequacies. But if you do get pushed into a more self-disciplined mode, you will feel grateful at the end of the day because you create things that are more substantial. Though at points you may be feeling vague, low in concentration and energy. Psychologically you aren’t in a mood to get a grip or be confrontational.
TAURUS: You may feel circumstances are pushing you in a way you don’t want to go. But this is really a time for facing the bottom line and getting organized. Or face up to people you don’t like. Though truthfully this is not a great time for self-confidence, so just let yourself slip and slither and slide round things. You feel incapable of taking direct action about anything very much. Just watch you are not being misled by your own rather vague hunches.
GEMINI: There are rather wet blanket influences around so this is clearly not the time to be flinging yourself unreservedly into social activities. Just don’t get that weighed-down feeling. Be resourceful, get a grip, tackle whatever muddles or projects you have been pushing onto the back burner. Do watch that you’re not putting certain people on pedestals. If you expect miracles, then you could end up feeling they have not fulfilled your hopes. Maybe you have seen something which wasn’t offered in the first place.
CANCER: There nay be some delays, even some gloom and discouragement. But there is a positive benefit in that it stops you, makes you think more realistically. You’ll be practical, more down-to-earth, really focused on the essentials. Later there may be confusion or uncertainty around. Nothing is as clear and straightforward as it should be. The bright side of the current aspects is that they can make it a very sympathetic, compassionate and sensitive time. But don’t let sentimentality pull you into being over generous.
LEO: If you have concerns that are bearing down on you, making you feel you’re not doing as well as you want, then give yourself a shake. Admit if something isn’t working. Cut your losses, concentrate on your successes, change what you can, and accept what you can’t change. Sometimes you see people you think are absolutely wonderful and in need of help from you. In fact they’re nothing of the sort. They taking too much or trying to pull the wool over your eyes.
VIRGO: If you have odd complaints or resentments simmering, then this is not the time to tackle them. You won’t want to stamp your feet or insist you get your own way. Even if you did, it wouldn’t work. Nor is it a great time for doing anything that requires attention to detail. Instead of getting into a gripe and a groan about it all, see where you can use the time wisely to achieve a little more, but in a slow and steady way.
LIBRA: Try not to get too resentful if other people are holding you back. You often achieve a great deal more if you go slower. Out of what may initially seem to be setbacks can come something more useful. Flying ahead at top speed can end you up going round in circles. Be helpful by all means but stand up for your rights as well. If relationships are confusing, you will need to be more straightforward, even if you have to push yourself into gear.
SCORPIO: All of us want easier lives and tend to assume that everyone else has less problems. If you do feel that your life is trickier than other people’s at the moment, then it probably isn’t true. They may just be hiding it better. Accept the pressures around now as a way of holding you back in order to focus. If you concentrate you’ll find the answer. Sometimes you will worry about things that don’t exist. Don’t take what you feel now for the reality.
SAGITTARIUS: Not everything is possible in life. Sometimes it’s just a question of patience waiting till the tide turns and sometimes it’s just about facing up to limitations, to what you can’t change. If you can accept one particular situation now as it is, then you will find it easier to handle. Maybe you don’t want to face up to an unpleasant situation or just a slight awkwardness. Relationships with others may be a little confusing. Try to work out whether the muddle is deliberate.
CAPRICORN: Don’t sit behind a brick wall and feel sorry for yourself. That will just make things worse. Break out of the vicious circle and find a way of bridging the gap. Focus on the activities or companions who are going to make you feel good, in a quiet kind of way. You won’t want anything too physically strenuous for a while. Pamper yourself. Treat yourself like a china doll that needs careful handling. Take a wide berth round anyone who looks like causing aggravation.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: The old saying about not mending what isn’t broken has another side. When something needs to be fixed, there is no time like the present. Dithering around, putting it off or looking the other way hoping that someone else will do it, is not going to work. Get cracking, push yourself over your resistance and then you will glow with satisfaction at the result. You feel you are in a rather undermining situation. Just bide your time and you’ll find things will improve.
PISCES: There undoubtedly will be a few restrictions about, or setbacks, even losses. There is a risk that you may feel a bit low, discouraged perhaps. The best tactic is to face up to duty and be conscientious. What is happening may seem negative, even unlucky, but it need not necessarily be bad. You just have to get into hard-working gear. You can’t duck and dive and leave all the chores to someone else. Don’t get panicky because everything is not going to plan.
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