Horoscope for September 6, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, enthusiastic, lucky and a time to push for what you want and insist on walking your own path. You’ll be quite a presence out on the social scene though the mood at home in the family may be irritable at times. Try not to let your impatience show if partners are evasive. Just push ahead making the changes you feel are important. Money will come in but you’ll need to budget for an uneven cash flow.

ARIES: You will be taking a few steps to find a congenial working atmosphere because you need to feel that what you are doing is valued. Do not over push yourself, or become tense, but work steadily to improve your efficiency and not waste your energy. If you are feeling a touch under par or just delicate, then look after yourself sensibly and adjust your physical lifestyle to suit your stamina. Your emotional responses will be more intense just for a short while.
TAURUS: Your creative talents could be finding a better outlet now, so push to find the self discipline to make more use of them. You want to be around entertainment more than usual, especially music or the theatre. Children will bring you more pleasure and you will thoroughly enjoy playing their games. Try not to be jealous or possessive or get yourself unsettled if things are not going precisely as you want. You’ll tend to react over-quickly to things, hearing slights where none exist.
GEMINI: Really what you would like most of all is to put your feet up at home and focus on domestic and family matters. Or just indulge yourself. But other people may be demanding quite a lot of you, so watch you don’t end up feeling resentful. This Moon can set off your martyr complex for a brief couple of days. Having to fit in all the time with other people’s plans, whims, suggestions and orders can be a bit of a bore.
CANCER: Clearly not a time to be keeping your feelings to yourself. So go flirt, have fun, play games with loved ones, children or social buddies. Forget routine chores and duck out if you feel an order coming your way. Your curiosity is sending you in search of intriguing new ideas at the moment, constantly asking questions. Whether you are speaking or writing, you will find the words flow easily. You will want to be constantly on the move round familiar faces.
LEO: Be firm but not obstinate in negotiations or financial agreements at the moment. Generosity combined with balanced common sense will produce the best results. This is a good time to retreat into a private place, preferably at home. So much the better, if you can manage to take the day off, put your feet up and wrap yourself around a warm teddy bear. But even if you’re at work, you need some kind of protective niche where you’re pushing away hassles and hustle.
VIRGO: Any extra thought and effort that goes into your wardrobe and hairdo will be well received. Suddenly you feel you have the force of personality to carry others along in your wake. Though you may be saying things to others in a way that they don’t entirely understand. You don’t stop, stand back and come to any conclusions or be reflective. Whereas if you could stand back and be a bit more sensible about one or two things, it really would help enormously.
LIBRA: Your sensitivity to the needs of others will make you a good listener. You may find yourself counselling and caring for others, more than usual at the moment. Watch a little since you will tend to soak in the emotional undercurrents around you a little like a sponge. You may end up carrying too much of other people’s pain and suffering. Protect yourself against casual acquaintances or friends who are jangled, or gloomy, or you might end up the same way.
SCORPIO: You prefer at the moment to be around more detached, less emotional relationships, or in loose networks where everyone is allowed to go their own independent way, yet still cooperate. A rather contradictory mix just now, you can be stubborn and rather tolerant at the same time. You do want to see what you can do in however small a way to improve the world around you and are willing to throw your energy into helpful causes. You are challenging friends with new truths.
SAGITTARIUS: Concentrate on what is important for now. If you are around others too much, you will end up being subjected to their demands so you might as well give yourself permission to go off and do what you want to do for yourself. You won’t manage it entirely, of course, but for some of the time give yourself a chance for reflection. You’ll be surprised in the quiet moments how inspiration suddenly hits you about things that seemed to have no answer.
CAPRICORN: You will be avoiding anything that requires you to cope with the small detail of everyday living. You may be dashing around 16 different people, trying to sort out what they think about this or that, and getting confused as a result. But at the end of it all you’ll be able to come to your own judgements. Then when the moment comes, you will know what is going to work for you in the future and where you should commit your energy.scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: Hugely resourceful at the moment, you are standing rock solid when everyone else is flapping. You’ll be more protective of those around at work or out in the community. The more you give, the more everyone will think you are absolutely marvellous. Though at times you may come across just now as stubborn, insisting on sticking to your own plans. You do need to stand your ground but you also need to be flexible, and compromise where necessary to get agreement.
PISCES: Another half in life at home and at work will be more vital to your well-being and fulfilment now. Co-operation is top of your priority list at the moment since you know you feel slightly more vulnerable than usual. Flying solo will make you feel slightly exposed at the moment so you’ll be seeking companionship. Your diplomatic skills and way of putting others in the spotlight of your attention will keep you popular and much appreciated. You have a way of keeping others amused.
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