Horoscope for September 7, 2016


Courtesy: Marjorie Orr

IF IT’S YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be a time to get your life together and be master of your own destiny. Give yourself space to consider all of your options. You’ll be more independent for a few months but partners will be preoccupied with their own concerns so won’t fuss. Money and resources will be drawn to you though there may be unexpected expenses so you’ll still need to budget. Reorganising at home will take up your attention and may cause loved ones to complain.

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ARIES: You’ll combine a warm, friendly manner with enough depth and intensity to make your mark where you want. Suddenly you feel better able to cope and ensure that you are not being swept into a corner or under the carpet. Your sophisticated approach to life means you’ll get more work done but in an utterly charming way. You will be very diplomatic around situations that require self-discipline. You have that slight sense of reserve that other people sometimes feel is quite attractive.
TAURUS: This is when you really feel you have turned your life around. You can look back and understand that you’ve come through some tough times. Now you can begin to rebuild on stronger foundations and not allow such situations to recur again. You’re not going to be bouncing in and giving everyone kisses, cuddles and lots of hugs. This is a time to deal with other people with a little dignity and restraint. Older people will appreciate your concern for their practical needs.
GEMINI: If you want others to shift ground you can lean a little bit. If you want straight answers, you have the power to bring things out into the open. You won’t fight things through to the bitter end because there will be no need. Your love relationships you could feel a bit separated, but not in any very strong sense. It’s just a slight coolness in the air, duty coming before pleasure. But you will be happy to do whatever your immediate situation demands.
CANCER: Part of the message at the moment is about letting go of the past and making an effort to move into the future. Purging out something that has been sticking or blocking you and putting your best foot forward. Not a day for over eating or overspending. You will not mind pushing aside frivolities and indulgences to get on with the things that are really important. By the day’s end you should be able to polish your halo and feel very virtuous indeed.
LEO: You will put your foot down and be forceful, but not in a leap-up-and-down, throw-a-tantrum kind of way. You will be delighted that you are managing to be quietly persistent and rather powerful. No one is going to tangle with you and cause you to divert from your intentions. You’ll handle both the light-hearted, frivolous side of your life, and the more serious, self-disciplined side, giving them both equal weight. Maybe you feel slightly unappreciated but you have no intention of letting it show.
VIRGO: You have now learned one valuable lesson, and the fruits of your wisdom mean that you won’t be caught out in the same way again. You have the stamina to see this one through to the end. Now it’s just a question of hanging on in there until you tidy up the last loose ends. You’ll be able to do whatever your conscience tells you without feeling too deprived. There are days when ought takes precedence over want and this is one of them.
LIBRA: Anything which has been disordered or confused or muddled, can now be tidied up or cleared out. You will have the reins of control back in your hands so all you have to do is turn one tangled situation around and be on your way. You may be sitting down with loved ones to work out the rules and regulations of the relationship. There needs to be a way of sorting things out so that misunderstandings do not occur in future.
SCORPIO: Companions around you are beginning to shift ground, or a situation in your life that you’ve been wrestling with really begins to move a lot faster. So there’s should be a general feeling of satisfaction. You know you need to concentrate hard to get the results you really want but for once it feels as if your perseverance is paying off. The highly practical, realistic influences around today will mean you tackle work projects in a fashion that brings positive results.
SAGITTARIUS: You will be much better working as part of a whole with other people, so head for group activities or a team situation at work, or for friends. Once you get common aims with others then everything works well. If you try to do things on your own, when Pluto is around, it can backfire. Do things for the good of all and hey presto it all flows smoothly. There’s a lovely balance around today which means whichever direction you usually lean evens up a little.
CAPRICORN: You can be highly persuasive, and exert a little subtle pressure to move companions into your way of thinking. There should not be too much resistance because you have right on your side, as well as a little nifty strategy. You want good, solid, stable relationships both at work and at home today. You are not making unrealistic demands of other people and neither are they of you. So it will be a very good time to discuss almost any problems that come up. scop-icon-5
AQUARIUS: It is important to make best use of the influences which are around to ensure that you’re pushing in the right direction. You do feel you have reached a bit of a plateau and will not have to struggle uphill quite so much in the near future. It will be important to step back from time to time to make up your mind what is that is going to be good for you in the long term. Planning is the name of the game.
PISCES: This is clearly not a superficial or a frivolous time. You want to think things through rather deeply, to investigate, get right down below the surface. With effort you’ll find that you’re getting some stronger meaning out of life and finding new answers. In the past you may have just scratched the surface, now you know what the roots are all about. Saturn is putting out a restraining hand and making sure you fulfil your obligations and be on parade when and where required.