Horoscope for September 8, 2015

If You Were Born Today, September 06¬†:IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be upbeat, optimistic and generally lucky so you’ll be forging ahead in good spirits. You’ll be a powerful presence out on the social scene and quite possessive of loved ones. Though at times one close partner will be evasive or preoccupied. Leave them to their own devices. You’ll want more freedom yourself so it won’t be too much of a problem. Effort will be needed to reorganise at home. More money will roll through soon.

aries ARIES: You need to look for new people, do things that are just going to give you the sense that you’re using your energy and your forward gear. Allow yourself to explore and be experimental. You want to find the answers to things, so you’re look-ing for inspiration. Ideas will come very quickly, so you need to write them down. Just make sure that you don’t burn your boats behind you now, and then later on you will want the old securities back.
TAURUS: The sensible thing now is not to react so wildly or lash out too blindly against restrictions and authority figures that you turn life on its head. Then everyone gets a bit cross and crot-chety and it will take you a long time to rebuild the relationships on the far side. Unexpected events and insights are bringing you valuable learning lessons. Observe, be aware, and begin to see the benefits and silver linings which come with situations which can ordinarily seem unfortunate. taurus
gemini GEMINI: It’s a question now of not being too explosive about the way in which you express yourself to other people. Being very blunt and honest isn’t always very helpful. You enjoy being surrounded by eccentric or unconventional friends, though there are times when get infuriated because they prove unreliable or uncooperative. Everything comes at a price. If you want utter loyalty and security, then you need to find different kinds of people, but you would find that boredom set in fairly quickly.
CANCER: Sometimes you hide away in a corner and think of what you can’t do. This is when you need some courage. Take it in both hands, don’t stop to think too hard. Obviously you don’t want to go too far and leap into situations without considering the consequences through. Keep a balance but don’t be too indecisive. You’ll be finding it tricky to settle into a steady work rut, or indeed to toe the line. Do your own things in an adventurous setting. cancer
leo LEO: There’s a very bright, breezy, lively kind of energy around. You want to know all about yourself and discover more about the world around you. Uranus is about shining light in hidden places, Mars is about finding the courage to do it. Suddenly you want to push other people away and refusing to be hemmed in anymore. You are independent and completely unswayed by traditional outlooks. You have your own slant on the truth, and will speak your mind no matter the consequences.
VIRGO: If you’re working with equipment, you can sometimes run into some problems with the Mars Uranus influences which are around. It is a soft aspect so it probably won’t happen in any spectacular way. But you can sometimes find that fuses blow so just tread cautiously. Keep some of your wilder ideas within limits, because clearly you can’t turn your life totally upside down. Your emotions are also on a roller coaster ride and you definitely want constant change in your intimate relationships. virgo
libra LIBRA: ¬†People may be holding you back, but sometimes they give you a little bit more security than you might recognise. If you push them away too hard they might not be around when you want to reverse a little and get a hand to hold and a shoulder to lean on. Stale partnerships need a blast of fresh air blown through them. If they can’t stand the draught then maybe they are not worth hanging onto. Don’t be afraid of what is changing now.
SCORPIO: All those areas of your life that have become stale, a little bit dull and lifeless suddenly become unsupportable. Uranus prompts you to see there is a different kind of life out there if you are willing to take the odd risk, face up to the unknown. Routines will bore you and anything that is the way it has always been will make you droop. A more experimental approach is needed. This is not a time for forcing yourself to be too co operative. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS: Open a few windows, let a blast of fresh air blow through your life, and understand that with a little bit of disruption, you can find new opportunities to live a different kind of lifestyle. The old social activities which used to hold your attention now seem a minor drag. You are wanting to open up new paths, trying to adopt a whole new way of expressing yourself in your off duty hours. Excitement means more than being seen in the best places.
CAPRICORN: This is a time of personal growth, new insights and better times to come if you allow yourself to step across old fears. Steer clear of people who are likely to be tying you down. Maybe you’re feeling a touch insecure as you sense that what you’ve hung onto as a mooring in the past is now disappearing. There may be changes within the family which are causing you to question a good many of your old beliefs. But this is not necessarily bad. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: You certainly aren’t short of courage at the moment, although there are those who may say you lack common sense. But you might as well ignore them. There are opportunities to become much freer in your life, to be able to do things that maybe you wouldn’t have dreamt of doing before. There will be a good deal of activity in everyday routines. A constant flow of information coming and going, and a fair amount of dashing around will bring more encounters than usual.
PISCES: This is a time of new activities and new encounters. Expect the unexpected and you won’t be disappointed. You have lots of confidence, courage and a really dynamic vitality. Maybe you will feel a slightly highly-strung quality, but let yourself sparkle all the same. You know you need a budget system at the moment which can cope with an uneven flow of money. Nothing seems to stay the same way for long. Seek out different ways of earning money and you will fare better. “>pisces

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