Horoscope for September 9, 2015

If You Were Born Today, September 06 :      IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be generally lucky and a time to expect the universe to feel more generous than usual. Though you’ll be overly impulsive at times and need to be patient when certain plans go slower than you’d like. You’ll be emotionally changeable and one close partner will be evasive or vague. Just drift for a while and be gentle. On the whole money will be improving though there may be some surprises, so budget for all eventualities.


aries ARIES: It’ll be important not to get too dogmatic or self-righteous or get yourself too wound up now. Sometimes you’ll speak in a way that others find slightly difficult to take. They’ll feel that you’re push-push-pushing and may not take very kindly to it. So you need to aim for a lighter approach. In demand at the moment for your bright ideas, witty way with words, and diplomatic knack of putting others at ease, you are guaranteed a positive response almost everywhere you go.
TAURUS: The sensible thing now is not to react so wildly or lash out too blindly against restrictions and authority figures that you turn life on its head. Then everyone gets a bit cross and crot-chety and it will take you a long time to rebuild the relationships on the far side. Unexpected events and insights are bringing you valuable learning lessons. Observe, be aware, and begin to see the benefits and silver linings which come with situations which can ordinarily seem unfortunate. taurus
gemini GEMINI:  You’ll have to watch your methods of persuasion with Pluto around now. Because you’re likely to try to indoctrinate others or force your opinions on them which needless to say won’t always go down very well. So don’t be confrontational since it won’t work. But it could also happen in reverse. More emotional than usual at the moment, you may be over-sensitive to the slightest whiff of criticism. Try not to sound too defensive, when most often it will not be necessary.

CANCER: Sometimes you hide away in a corner and think of what you can’t do. This is when you need some courage. Take it in both hands, don’t stop to think too hard. Obviously you don’t want to go too far and leap into situations without considering the consequences through. Keep a balance but don’t be too indecisive. You’ll be finding it tricky to settle into a steady work rut, or indeed to toe the line. Do your own things in an adventurous setting. cancer
leo LEO: You’ll be able to solve difficult puzzles in your emotional life and elsewhere now. But don’t go so far down into the depths you end up only looking on the bleak side. Try to stay with one foot on the surface, and one foot deep down. That way you’ll be able to ask the searching questions you want and get answers. Because you see the truth of one situation clearly you may be coming across as rather critical. Try to add tact to honesty. .
VIRGO: Maybe you’ll be looking too much on the dark side now seeing only problems and losing your normal optimism. Now it may just be you find that travel plans get blocked, which will irritate and frustrate you. Then you’ll get very wound up. So try to ease up a little and laugh more. Maybe you are being slower than usual to make up your mind. But once you get on track nothing will budge you. You are focussing on what is practical and sensible. virgo
libra LIBRA: Sometimes you can get a little bit frustrated when Pluto is around as it is now because you’ll feel you’re not getting your own way. You’ll then tend to get a little manipulative which can backfire. So watch that you’re not trying to twist loved ones or mates around too much. You are quick witted at the moment and at times rather sharp of tongue, so you will need to pause to think before you speak. Mates could be startled by your direct comments.
SCORPIO: Life changes a little bit. It tries to get rid of things that are no longer any use to you. So it may be that old and outworn beliefs are being shifted out of your life. Though you could also be pushing like mad pointing out to others where they are going wrong. You have a real understanding of other people’s suffering at the moment, which gives you added sympathy and will make a supportive listener. You know your turn will come. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  You’ll have a great love of mystery, wanting to find out what’s going on in the deep, dark and secret corners. So you’ll be drawn to the hidden places in life. But it’s important that you sort out your own secrets before probing into anyone else’s. You’ll be very open to new ideas, especially ones likely to upset others, because you have a slightly rebellious streak about you. You have the courage of your convictions and will not be swayed by criticism.
CAPRICORN: You may get so wrapped up in one tiny obsessive detail that you won’t see the wood for the trees. What’ll be said by yourself or others will be important. But everyone will seem a little bit gridlocked with Pluto around. No one will want to compromise, partly because they feel they might be humiliated if they give way. You’ll be practical, and focussing on what will be to your advantage at work. You won’t have time for vague discussions which don’t go anywhere. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: You’ll be utterly determined to get to the bottom of one emotional problem which has been niggling at you. You’ll be pushing hard to persuade others round to whatever it is that you want them to think. Try not to get so fixed and so rigid about seeing things the way they are, that you can’t see any alternative. Try to come across as fair-minded, tolerant as well as enthusiastic, and you should be able to find stimulating companions to share your views.
PISCES: Mercury, the communication planet is in aspect to Pluto now and what it can do is make you get a little too pushy about try-ing to bring everyone round to your viewpoint. Or someone may be doing the same. If you can step back and be a little more detached, then it will work better. Though it is still true that you need to sit down and talk through money matters with close partners. Everyone has to be clear what the agreements are. “>pisces

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