If You Were Born Today, December 12:  IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY, your horoscope tells that   your year ahead will be fun loving, charming and sociable though also serious at times. You’ll get a grip of muddled situations in your emotional life and elsewhere and sort them out. Money will come through others’ generosity or luck which will leave you feeling more secure. You’ll be taking time out to sort out your thinking about the kind of life you want to lead in years ahead. Changes at home will provide you with more freedom in the long run.


aries ARIES: You are in a mood of high enthusiasm, with optimism spilling out. You reckon that almost anything you touch will turn out wonderfully well. Luck should be on your side, but you do need to slow yourself down. Prepare, plan, understate what you think you can achieve, and you will fare better. If you aim too high then you could find nothing works as well as you expect. Your mind will be wandering quite a bit so try to think before your speak
TAURUS: You feel ready to tackle almost anything now. So it can be a good time for dealing with authority figures. Just keep in mind that sounding too uppity or thinking that you can’t be wrong about anything will not be the best approach. You could go a step too far with the rather boisterous influences around. Count up to 25 before volunteering for new projects. Just watch you are not too sugary sweet and sentimental. You could be untidy and rather careless. taurus
gemini GEMINI: You could be at risk of biting off more than you can chew, committing yourself to things that are a little bit beyond you, or promising more than you can deliver. It could be a good time to start new projects, as long as you take practical advice, and move at a steady pace not a flat gallop. At points you may feel like a small volcano about to overflow. Try to avoid hurting sensitive feelings. Mates really need nurturing and protecting now.
CANCER:Zippy Mars at odds with upbeat Jupiter can be a potent combination. Neither planetary influence is a long-distance runner. They won’t improve your spirits for projects that need persistence. So don’t launch with wild abandon into schemes which you may run out of energy or interest for before they can be completed. Maybe you will be too sentimental or too sugary sweet on the surface. Try to be more honest about your feelings underneath. Your appetite may be more tempted than usual. cancer
leo LEO: You should be feeling strong and vigorous. Because your morale is high, your physical energy will follow suit. You do want to push your visions forward. But if you have a financial plan in mind, just make sure you aren’t relying too heavily on someone else’s generosity or expecting miracles. Try to curb your inclination to spend like mad. Your emotions may be getting in the way of reason because you are over heated, and cannot always think as clearly as usual.
VIRGO: Mars is now at an awkward aspect to Jupiter, which can actually, oddly enough, be rather successful, or quite the opposite. It depends on how you handle it. Mars is very dynamic and energetic while Jupiter is lucky and confident. But what the combination do not have is much commonsense. You are likely to charge into action rather recklessly and the areas under focus are the home and family. It might be an idea in the peaceful moments to mull over old memories. virgo
libra LIBRA:Maybe you are not stopping to think things through carefully enough. You need to wind yourself down and pause to take stock. Impulse decisions might not work out as you expect since your judgment may not be that marvellous. Always expecting life to be on the sunny side up which is the best way to be, but keeping your feet firmly attached to the ground may be wiser on occasion. You are determined to sweep the furniture and the family into shape.
SCORPIO: There are lovely, lively influences around which should be doing wonders for your self confidence. You could be at the point of turning some of your dreams into reality. There is only one slight risk that your allow yourself to get too carried away with what is possible. Try to exert some self discipline and put some limits on what you think is possible. It’s all work and no play for a while, don’t get gloomy since it is only a passing blip. scorpio
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:You are so exuberant you feel almost that everything you touch will work. Sometimes you can trust your instincts but at the moment you need to take some of your wilder schemes with a pinch of salt. You need to check that what you are aiming for is realistic and sensible. You will smooch, schmooze and generally put yourself about in a thoroughly charming fashion. Mates will adore your easy going ways, so you should be able to pour oil on troubled waters
CAPRICORN:You are very much in one of your get-up-and-go kind of moods. Distinctly upbeat influences tend to make you feel you can accomplish more than usual. With a bit of luck and some solid planning, you will find that luck is behind you. But a little care is definitely needed. Your Moon is in flowing aspect to Mercury so you do have a capacity to intuitively understand feelings and emotional situations around you. Just watch but you are not getting too close to things.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be confident, go ahead, rather over enthusiastic when it comes to spending. Good luck will be on your side but you’ll need to keep your enthusiasm within bounds. There will be some ups and downs at home or within the family. Try not to be too defensive or controlling. Go with the flow and you’ll fare better. Take time out to decide what needs to be cleared out of your life to open up space for new opportunities to come.

aquarius AQUARIUS: Certainly you do want to expand your life, to get away from routines. Doing something that gives you more sense of meaning and satisfaction is a must. But sometimes the more you attempt, the less you succeed. If you trim back your high hopes and go one step at a time, then you could get some things done really well. You will notice that you want everything at home and in your emotional life to be totally wonderful. Try to be more realistic.
PISCES:You feel like riding into top gear flying the banner of your pet causes. But watch that you do not fly ahead too fast. If you are around sporting or physical activities have a care that you are not taking risks. Not that you will be accident-prone, but you could just think you are capable of more than you are. You may find yourself involved in noisy confrontations with family members or close companions with angry comments flying through the air. pisces
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Courtesy: Marjorie Orr