If You Were Born Today, January : 13, 2015

You are an interesting combination of sceptic and believer. You tend to over-think and worry as a youth, but you relax more as you age! You have a totally unique take on the world, and you might especially enjoy unravelling mysteries and uncovering truths. Some might call you moody, as you can sometimes be quite retiring and other times very sociable. In fact, you love people, but you frequently need time to yourself to refuel.

ariesARIES: Lately you have had this feeling that you want absolute excitement, that you want to take risks and have thrills. But you may sooner or later wish you hadn’t been so impulsive and gone that little bit over the score. But you will be excellent in large social groups and team relationships at work looking optimistically ahead. Your friendship circle is welcoming, and you will have no shortage of invitations or ports of call when you feel inclined to be out and about.
TAURUS: The influences around now could bring good, fun relationships into your life, but they will also tend to bring rather zany people who are not always the kind of friends you want in the long term. They are very exciting in the short term, but you then begin to think that maybe you want people around who are a little bit more solid and settled. Use your charms to impress all the influential people around at work or out in the community.taurus
geminiGEMINI: It’s a bit roller-coaster with your moods, rather switch on-switch off, to do with your affections, to do with indulgences and extravagances. You may be spending money like mad, and then suddenly wishing you hadn’t bothered. If you are thinking of throwing a party or even inviting friends round for supper you will want it to be flamboyant, maybe even rather grand, or with a foreign theme. Think where you would most like to be on holiday and then bring that into your home.
CANCER:You could be a bit impatient with loved ones, because you want them not to be maybe as dull as they have been. Or maybe they’ve been a bit kind of slumped, and you want people who are on the edge of their seats or on the edge of their toes in a sense, and if you can make partners waken up a little bit, then everybody is going to have a great deal more fun. So you need to be flexible.cancer
leoLEO: An old, long-running relationship could be sparkling back to life, or a new relationship comes into your life that just puts the twinkle back in your eye. You are in love with love and putting out highly attractive vibes. Not only is that special person being more romantic, you’ll also be much in demand out on the wider social scene for a while. You could get sudden financial gains as well, but watch there aren’t unexpected losses. Just keep things on an even keel.
VIRGO:You’ll probably be wanting to flirt, so there may be somebody who is catching your eye over the next couple of days. Definitely a time to look for new experiences, to do anything that’s original, experimental and a little inspired, and maybe you need to try and be a little bit more artistic while you’re at it. You could find romances spring up around your everyday chores. Even if that doesn’t happen you will still find you gain great comfort from doing your job.
libraLIBRA: If you’ve been feeling you needed to add a little bit of sparkle and more fun to your closest relationships, then go to it. Waken things up that have become dull and routine. If you’re too insecure, it could make you a little edgy because you’re scared of letting go, and yet if you take a risk, if you take a bit of a gamble and open up to life, then something rather fun could be happening. You fully intend to enjoy yourself.
SCORPIO: Possessive relationships or relationships where you want to keep everything absolutely still and stable and nothing budging an inch may be a little unsettled now. Maybe the message is to open up a little bit, get rid of restrictions, give yourself a little bit of room to breathe. Open the window, let a blast of fresh air blow through. More than usual, you will be expressing affection for your close family and want to be entertaining relatives and close friends at home.scorpio
sagittariusSAGITTARIUS: If you’ve got a long-running relationship, the present influence come along and shake it up a little. If you’re hanging on too much for security, it sometimes feels a little bit insecure. But on the other hand, you begin to think that maybe you do need a little bit more independence. You’ll be putting on the charm in conversations, phone calls or when you write letters. Your harmonious way of expressing yourself and wonderful way with words guarantees that you will be highly persuasive.
CAPRICORN: IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be lively, flirtatious, extravagant and fun. OK so you’ll be serious at times deciding what to clear out of your life that belongs to the past and will not be necessary for the future. But in general you’ll feel supported by the generosity of the universe and more secure than for a while. Money should come your way with less effort than you expect. Stay flexible at home since there will be sudden changes within the family.capricorn
aquariusAQUARIUS: You are looking great, attracting favourable comments and compliments for the care you take over your appearance, and generally putting your best foot forward in social company. Venus is now in aspect to Uranus which combines love and affection with sudden surprises. So you can expect the unexpected. You want new, fun people, stimulation and sparkle and a little bit of excitement around the place, so it can be extremely lively, and you won’t always know what’s coming. This can be exciting or unsettling.
PISCES: Clearly not a good time for doing anything solid and sensible and routine. You want that rather electrical quality in life which puts all the neon lights on, as it were. Though in general you will not be as socially outgoing as usual. But don’t get gloomy. The upside is that it puts you in touch with creative or spiritual matters, so you’ll emerge softer, wiser and maybe revitalised because of the deeper connections you have made with those who share your deeper interests.pisces
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