Horoscope October 1, 2015


courtesy: Marjorie orr

aries ARIES: You are finding that what you desire now, you want passionately and have no intention of going without. Heart-centred, and rather flamboyant, you will be casting your spell over everyone you meet, with your great enthusiasm and sparkling personality. With Saturn nearing your mid heaven you may be finding it more difficult to relax. Travel tends at this time to be for work more than pleasure. Or it turns out to involve additional work, but the end result will all be to the good.
TAURUS: Maybe you don’t want to put yourself out and about as much at the moment socially or romantically. But watch that it isn’t a slight fear of rejection that is making you disappear into your shell. Just cuddle up close to those who make you feel warm and wonderful. Partners may be less generous than usual, or even a slight financial burden on you at the moment, so you need to take care that you do not carry too many responsibilities for them.  
gemini GEMINI: What you have to watch now is a tendency to be rather stiff, or too reserved, or even critical in close partnerships. This works well in a work setting where you take your responsibilities very seriously but can have a dampening effect on passion and tenderness. Maybe you should try to lighten up a little bit, and try a little chit-chat, especially at parties. You’ll be amazed how your popularity will soar when you listen to others and engage in light-hearted banter.
CANCER:  Venus around strongly now is making you put a high value on loyalty, stability and physical closeness. You want more hugs, caresses, kisses and tangible gestures of affection than usual. Don’t let insecurity make you too possessive or stubborn. Just be affectionate and steadfast. Maybe you have personal lessons to learn about how best to look after your body and your health now. You cannot afford to over push it as you once did, but must treat yourself sensibly, knowing where your limits are. cancer
leo LEO: Watch a tendency to put too much stress on surface appearance, or to fit in with whoever is taking the strong position around you for the sake of peace and quiet. You want to pour oil on troubled waters but you may need to stand up for your rights more firmly. You are taking a rather dignified approach to your social life these days. You will be steady and reliable rather than wild or adventurous. Don’t stifle the spontaneous expression of your feelings.
VIRGO:  You can be enormously compassionate, but you do have to watch that you don’t become emotionally overloaded, soaking in too much of other people’s problems. Letting your hair down for sheer enjoyment does seem to happen as often at the moment as it once did. You somehow feel you won’t be accepted unless you achieve so you are throwing all your energy into doing rather than being. The upside is you do achieve, the downside is you get gloomy. Try for a better balance. virgo
libra LIBRA:  You are feeling friendly, laid back, detached and rather mischievous. You want space, freedom and independence in your social and emotional life, and really want a strong individual for a mate who is willing to let you go your own way. At work you are concentrating on what is essential and practical, and have no intention of wasting words. What you say will be very much to the point. But maybe you are coming across as too negative, or overly serious.

IF ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY TODAY your year ahead will be filled with warm hearted friends and easy group activities. Though you’ll also treasure quality time spent in your own company reflecting deeply about the past and highly personal matters. Secret advice and inspiration will come your way. Gradual changes at home and within the family will at times bring up tensions though if you stay firm but flexible you’ll build better relationships. One close partner will insist on going their own way.

SCORPIO: Your ability to keep the peace, and generally boost morale at the moment, could be useful in gaining you prominence at work. Your charm may have a hidden agenda but it will bring the desired result if you just keep schmoozing in the right places. You are learning to be better disciplined, where money and possessions are concerned. You do have a feeling that you do not have enough or what you have may be at risk. Don’t always look on the gloomy side.
sagittarius SAGITTARIUS:  You are being honest and very direct about your feelings, though not at all heavy about anything. You want loved ones to be open and above board. Open the lines of communication, since you want amusing conversation as well as cuddles. Though you do not always get on well at the moment in team situations. You find it tricky to be calm and controlled. You can simmer with resentment and then overstate your case. Try to assert yourself in a steady way.
CAPRICORN: At the moment if you are off someone, then you are really off. As far as you are concerned there will be no switching back on again. But remember you won’t always feel this intensely and there may come a point in a few weeks time when you wish you hadn’t been so abrupt. You may be imagining all sorts of horrors that are never actually going to happen. What you need is to get more grounded, better organised and hang onto common sense. capricorn
aquarius AQUARIUS: You will certainly not be short of admirers, social invitations or compliments for a few weeks. So make the most of the good times, and have fun. It will boost your morale, your self esteem and your status. Hard work will make your dreams and ideals come true though sometimes at the moment you despair about the time it is all taking. Just trust that perseverance, persistence and a sensible game plan will help you get to where you want to be.
PISCES: You need to make more effort to break the ice and show your inner warmth. Try to drop your slightly reserved manner, and be more outgoing. Maybe you do have too much work on your plate, but if you make loved ones feel excluded you may run the risk of dampening what could be fun times. Don’t get too critical, even if you feel landed with too many chores. You are expecting everyone to be as well organised and responsible as you are.



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