Horse crashes into car, injures driver

The horse allegedly went berserk due to extreme heat

If you thought you can bear the heat no longer, animals don’t have it easy either. In a freak accident in Jaipur, Rajasthan, a horse – unable to bear the heat – went berserk and frantically galloped on the streets till it crashed into a car, head-on. It was reportedly 43 degrees Celsius on Sunday (June 5), which is when the incident happened.
According to reports, a horsecart driver (tangawala) had tied the animal to a pole, giving it fodder in a bag. Unfortunately, the bag obstructed the horse’s sight, which made him furious, causing him to break away from the pole and dash into the street amid motor traffic. It apparently first rammed into a motorcycle, before the head-on collision with the car.
The horse smashed into the vehicle’s windshield. Both driver and horse suffered minor injuries as local officials and people from the forest department had quite a tough time extracting the animal from the car.