Hostage Eyewitnesses describe the Pampore Militants

Srinagar, February 23: If the accounts provided by eye witnesses are to be believed, the militants who attacked involved in the Pampore attack had come all prepared to take control of J&K Entrepreneurship Development Institute building after ambushing a CRPF convoy on Saturday.

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They claimed that the militants trapped inside the EDI complex had enough time to run away free but they did not. The hijacking of the EDI building was the part of their plan according to the eyewitnesses. Furthermore, people inside the complex told the militants to escape but the the militants replied that they were there to fight and will not leave. They were for sure on a fidayeen (suicide) mission.

Atif, a trainee from Srinagar who was present in the complex when the three militants attacked it said that he was sitting in a room on the ground floor when he heard gunshots. A second later, bullets were  fired into the room. He and his colleagues immediately lay down on the ground and then slowly crawled to the adjacent room.

They were in the room when three guys holding AK rifles came inside the room and asked them to leave immediately. But when someone asked the militants to escape, they said they were not leaving the building, he further explained.

Another eyewitness of the incident said that the two militants were wearing pheran while the third one was wearing a waist coat. They were all well-armed and they spoke in Urdu and said that they had come prepared for a long fight.

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However, the reports in the Tribune suggest that the Security agencies investigating the incident are yet to confirm whether the militants killed in the area were a part of fidayeen group or not.

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