How AMUL became the Sponsor of Afghanistan Cricket Team


Firstly, clear the fact of how a cricket board chooses sponsorship. Any board seeking sponsorship releases tender for it and those companies who bid the highest gain the sponsorship. The companies have their own benefits of sponsorship like they want their brand to get famous and known to the common people.

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In March 2017, OPPO Mobiles India Pvt. Ltd. earned the sponsorship rights for the Indian cricket team by making the highest bid. The deal which is set to end on 31st March 2022 costs OPPO a whopping ₹1079.29 crores. AMUL might not want to invest such a whopping amount for the sponsorship as it is already an established and popular dairy brand in India.

Afghanistan Cricket being the newest to cricket AMUL has seen a good opportunity for sponsoring them with an amount that might be in their budget. The deal is also way cheaper and economical for the AMUL. AMUL would be paying anywhere between $200,000 (₹1.38 crores) and $400,000(₹2.76 crores), according to industry estimates.
AMUL exports its infant milk powder to Afghanistan. Also, they want to establish their brand in Afghanistan, who is a good friend of India and thus they would not face any problem while setting their units in Afghanistan.

Despite being a private action, the sponsorship of Afghanistan Cricket Team by AMUL can further boost the friendship and trust among the people of India and the people of Afghanistan.