How california almonds are terror-funding in Kashmir

How california almonds are terror-funding in KashmirWith the country's most populous state entering the fourth year of a devastating drought, Governor Jerry Brown has ordered an overall 25 percent cut in urban water use though the first statewide mandatory reductions in California's history. The suppliers with the highest per capita water use would have to accept a 36 percent cut. Meanwhile, environmentalists and some urban dwellers say the state's $45 billion agriculture industry should bear a greater share of water savings, given its massive water use. REUTERS/Lucy Nicholson - RTX19LEK

In a major breakdown on funding of the terrorists in Kashmir, National Investigating Agency on probing the large scale fund transfers from Pakistan to India through the import of California Almond, found out that the money raised by this mechanism was being used to fund terror activities in valley.

It has also been found that this trade was openly taking place at the trade facilitation centers.

Traders from Pakistan occupied Kashmir (poK) are also involved in this business of funding terror. According to the cross line of control agreement between India and Pakistan, products grown on both side of Jammu and Kashmir can be exchanged under the barter system, as California almonds (Badam giri) are grown in Pakistan occupied Kashmir.
Probing the flow of money into the valley, NIA also discovered that cash flow can be traced back to west Asia and Europe. It was also found out that some Kashmiri businessman from Saudi Arabia had over-invoiced the price of goods and pumped money into the valley.
It is also discovered that terror groups have connections with truck drivers, who are authorized to trade across the LOC. They also smuggle cash and weapons from across the LOC. Sometimes truck drivers would ferry terrorists into the valley.
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