How can the JMC allow Child Labour?


Image By Citizen Journalist Satish Sharma

The fact that the kid in the image is desperately trying to push the cart uphill is not even the matter of concern here. The Laws in India define the age of 14 above which a child can work legally. If you are employing a child for any kind of economic activity below the age of 14, you can be jailed.

That, notwithstanding, the garbage collection service by the JMC sends in teams of people who collect your domestic waste from your homes. We are pretty sure, even you have come across small children pushing these carts early morning in the stead of going to school to claim their childhood and rightfully so.

JMC is definitely answerable to this issue and should bring a stop to this. We appeal to the JMC to resolve this menace. Childhood is a right that everyone must have.

We also appeal to the readers, that if you have seen such kids coming to your house in the morning for garbage collection, click their photographs and send to us. U4UVoice will work towards ending this problem.

child labour