How India humiliated Pak and prevented war in one move


Prime Minister Narendra Modi is the first after Indira Gandhi who not only speaks bold but also does bold. At the rally in Kozhikode, the PM had mentioned that the sacrifices of the men would not go wasted and the Wednesday’s surgical operation has cleared beyond doubt that the PM walks his talk.

The surgical strikes have changed India’s image from a soft nation beyond doubt. Had a similar operation been carried out after the 26/11 attacks in Mumbai, maybe Uri would have not become a bad date in the Indian Army Calendar. After yesterday’s press conference by the DGMO, which also broke India’s internet space, Indian soldiers and civilians, including even those living near the borders have felt a sense of security notwithstanding the temporary displacement.

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The Prime Minister has travelled far and wide in the last two years and at every dais he has spoken of a war against terrorism. Not only did Narendra Modi manage to strike goodwill with powerful nations, he also carefully cornered Pakistan on the world fora.

First, the surgical strikes in the Line of Control are likely to not play against India. The press release was carefully drafted and the DGMO mentioned that the attack was against Terrorist Launch Pads. This has a deep important meaning.

Even if the attack was on Pakistan’s soil, the attack was on terrorists. Pakistan may have mentioned in the past that it would not allow for any terrorist activity on its soil but never stuck to this word. The DGMO’s press release carefully said that the attack was launched on the basis of inputs that there was going to be a possible attack in the coming days and thus the surgical strike was carried out to only neutralise the terrorists

Pakistan can never claim the men to be its own so in legal terms India’s actions would not be condemned on the world stage. War against terrorism is popular world sentiment and the press release never mentioned that the attack was on Pakistan.

Second, India has time and again provided proof of terrorist activity, of both man and material as well as of the funding through direct and indirect Pakistani routes, claims only refuted by Pakistan.

After conducting the surgical strikes India went public informing world leaders about the operation too. India sent a clear message that it is no more a soft nation and that no non-sense would be tolerated anymore. But more importantly, India struck two birds when the raging discontent against the PM’s speeches and lack of action was on the rise.

By going public about the surgical strike, India not only won the hearts of Indians severely vexed after the Uri Attacks and placated angers, it also averted the possibility of a full-scale war.

Till the time the Surgical attack had not happened, the prevailing sentiment in case of a war was of fear of the outcome of the results. After the attack, the tables turned and you have Indians who are more confident about their army and the PM who has again come across as a decisive man. The Indian populace does not care about a war anymore as the ‘revenge’ came in style.

The dividends of this revenge would be reaped by the BJP in the upcoming elections.

At the same time Pakistan has done well to deny the attacks to keep its population from going berserk. Had India’s neighbour acknowledged the attack, there would only be one popular sentiment in Pakistan, that of a war.

The Pakis are sitting silently with the fact that India is selling lies which everyone in the world is happy about while Indians are happy that Pakistan has to drink this cup of coffee with humiliation without making any noise about it.