How India Saved Jammu and Kashmir in 1947

  1. Jammu and Kashmir was not a part of India before 1947.It was a princely state which was created by Maharaja Gulab Singh(who was the founder of Dogra Dynasty) after paying 75 lakhs to the Brinish in 1846.

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  1. In 1947 when India and Pakistan became two independent nations,Britishers Maharaja Hari Singh(the then king of Jammu and Kashmir)the right to decide between joining either India or Pakistan. But the Maharaja wasn’t keen on joining either of the two dominions.

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  1. In the meantime on 22nd October,1947 the tribal militias backed by the Pakistani Army invaded Kashmir. The fighters were at the doorsteps of the capital Srinagar within 3 days.

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  1. The Maharaja was left with no choice but to ask India for help. India agreed to provide troops but on the condition that the Maharaja sign the Instrument of Accession with the Union of India.


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  1. Thus on 26th Oct, 1947, the  Princely State of Kashmir & Jammu became a part of India.

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