How the Opposition helped the Government to pass the Triple Talaq Bill!


In a major triumph for Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the Union government on Tuesday cleared Rajya Sabha test to pass a bill to boycott the act of instant triple talaq by a segment of Muslims in the nation. The United opposition that stood like a stone to square Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s pet change plan, famously known as Triple Talaq Bill, before the Lok Sabha race disintegrated like a pack of cards in the upper house where NDA still comes up short on majority. In the house of 240 individuals, 99 individuals casted their vote for the bill, and just 84 individuals casted a ballot against the bill. Rajya Sabha has a total of 245 members yet five seats were empty.

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As per opposition MPs, BJP’s partner Janata Dal (United’s) choice to walk out of the upper house tilted the sensitive equalization for the government and against the opposition’s solidarity. Political parties like JD (U) and AIADMK that spoke intensely against the bill during the discussion yet later exited at the time of casting vote were really moving to the tunes of the BJP.

A great many parties in the opposition camp talked fervently against the bill however numerous parties later organized an exit. It was a phase overseen walkout. It was shocking for opposition when JD(U) chose to exit in the dissent. It was JD (U’s) opposition to the Muslim Women (Protection of Rights on Marriage) Bill that had wrecked Prime Minister Modi’s final attempt to pass the law just before the Lok Sabha elections in April-May this year.

At the point when the Union government attempted to present the bill in the recently comprised Lok Sabha a month ago, it confronted solid obstruction from Nitish Kumar’s party that exited against the decision to present the bill in the house.

The decision of four parties, AIADMK (13), Janata Dal-United (6), BJD (7) and BSP (4), to exit at the time of voting tilted the equalization in the government’s support. Even four Congress members, Vivek Tankha, Pratap Singh Bajwa, Mukut Mithi and Ranjib Biswal were missing during the votes.

Correspondingly, five members from the Samajwadi Party, which has 12 members in the house, the fourth biggest party in the Rajya Sabha after BJP, Congress and TMC, were missing during votes. It came as a major alleviation for the NDA and uncovered the splits inside the opposition camp. Another enormous shock to the opposition solidarity came when NCP Supremo Sharad Pawar was likewise missing during the casting a ballot.

These parties really made it possible to pass the triple talaq bill.