How to Stay Calm in Stressful Situations| 10 Tips for real


1. Sit, pour yourself a glass of water, breathe
This is pretty much the first step like. Just take a few deep breaths and focus fully on them to calm down a bit. If you have the time in the situation you’re in then I recommend sitting down for 1-2 minutes to do this, drink water. Only focus on the air slowly going and out and nothing else. Water helps to calm the nerves.

2. Assimilate the situation
If you’re in a situation where you need to reply choose to not react immediately. Assimilate the situation, calm your nerves and speak.

3. Remember: It’s not always about you
If someone uses harsh words against you unexpectedly, he might be going overboard or overreacting because he’s having a bad day or just a lot of things going wrong. People often vent out their frustrations arbitrarily which has nothing to do with you. It’s a sign of their helplessness at dealing emotions.

Don’t take personally, in fact try to bond with the person.

4. Don’t expect yourself to sort everything in a sec
If you feel overwhelmed and stressed out then don’t make the classic mistake of thinking you have to do everything at once to solve this situation.
Just focus on making a start. On one small step or even just a tiny one you can take to move forward.

5. Bring perspective
If you feel that you’re starting to get really frustrated, angry or sad about a situation then question your perspective before it goes any further. Often a man speculates on a matter and is swayed by the emotions and personal reaction on the ruminations. It’s important to question and make way for a different perspective.

6. Rest is as important as work
This could be a solution if you’re stressed today. But it is, more importantly, a long-term solution to reduce stress levels and to consistently put yourself in a better headspace to handle the inevitable setbacks and crises that will happen at work.

7. Keep it simple
Overthinking, many a time, is a big contributor to stress. Spending too much time and energy on things that are useless battles of mind affect your productivity. If a person spends an unproductive say, naturally he’s left dissatisfied. A habit of overthinking becomes a reason for a constant state of anxiousness.

8. Ask, don’t guess

Trying to mind read someone can quickly amplify stress and frustration. Because it’s pretty much impossible to do. So communicate and ask what you want to ask. Cross-question until you get the satisfactory answer. Always be nice.

9. Take out 30-minutes for yourself

Spend time in solitude in the favourite hours of the day – sunset, sunrise, late night or any other. Ruminate on your experiences of the day and sort them in a manner that is imperative, or suitable. Have a cup of tea, coffee or a cigarette and think profoundly, by yourself.   

10. Ask for help
You don’t always have to go it alone in these situations. You can ask a friend, family member or even someone you may not know that well for a bit of help.
You might not always get it but you may be surprised at how helpful people can be if you just ask.


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