Hulaballoo against corruption by BJP confined to Delhi & not J&K.


Jammu : A meeting of Aam Aadmi Party  members was held at Jammu, on 15-99-2016 under the chairmanship of its Founder & National Council Member, S. Deep Singh, and deliberated at length about the political scenario in the state as also a tirade of political vendetta let loose by BJP & Congress against Delhi Government. In the meeting, acts of corruption by some of the BJP Ministers, as published in a section of press on 10th September & 14th September 2016, remained the centre of hot discussion. Various speakers expressed great anguish & deep concern over some of the BJP Ministers & their kins running transfer industry, involving hefty amount, as per practices of previous governments. The meeting expressed surprise as to how the BJP leaders in Delhi ,claim to be the champions of honesty, are mum on J&K thereby deceiving the people of the state who voted them to power only in the name of bringing back the black money stashed in Foreign banks as also giving corruption free governance. The allegations leveled, as published in section of press, are of serious nature and need in-depth inquiry and above all, if there is an iota of clean conscience in the hierarchy of BJP national leadership particularly Narinder Modi Ji should immediately take cognizance of the ugly episode and ask the delinquents’ to resign from the public office, the release said & added that State government monitoring agencies like CIC, VOJ, CBI, Crime Branch etc should register the suo-moto case as is being done in Delhi against AAP /Ministers otherwise the public is reading the writings on the wall and in case no initiative is taken, public will feel that there is no difference between previous corrupt dispensations & the present BJP combined government in the state as also at centre.

The members of AAP, Jammu, who attended the meeting were, Ram Singh Chauhan, Kuldeep Kumar Rao, S. Gurtaj Singh, Anil K Gaind, Ram Paul Khajuria, , Jai Dev Charak,  R.L.Raina,  Kalyan Singh Chib,  Yog Raj Sharma, Behari Lal Bhagat & Chaman Lal Sharma.

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