Humanity is all about compassion and empathy


Rajendra Sharma (1)

It takes a special person to be a social worker. We hear it all time the time. That’s because it is true. For Mr. Rajendra Kumar Sharma social service is a passion not profession. Mr. Sharma has been working in Care Home for Mentally challenged Children for the last three years. He takes care of these children who are abandoned sometimes by society and sometimes by their own parents.

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He says, “When I came here some children were so aggressive that we were left with no other option but to enchain them. But then I realised that only love and care can curb their aggression and fortunately I succeeded in my attempt. These children need love, care and attention. It’s a tragedy that they are living here when they should be living with their family members. We have to understand the behaviour and attitude of society towards these children which unfortunately is very hostile”.

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Although the foundation pays Mr. Sharma very less but it doesn’t matter to him. For him work is worship and he says that the satisfaction which he gets after serving these children is inexpressible.

“I have worked in health department, my wife is a working woman, both my children are well settled and I don’t have any liabilities. I don’t take any holiday. I celebrate all festivals with these children. I consider myself fortunate enough that I am serving these children and every day I learn something new and interesting from them. I have received so much from this society that I feel it’s my turn to give something back to the society. Money is important but it is not everything. I cut their nails and hair. I am their chauffeur and believe me the feeling which you get when you put your heart and soul into social service is beyond words and I feel like a responsible citizen”, he said.

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Mr. Sharma is an example for our society. He reminds us that the creation of a selfless and ideal society is very important. After all humanity is all about compassion and if we lack compassion we can’t call ourselves humans.

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