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Humming Buds Organizes ‘Value Education Week’


JAMMU: Humming Buds-The ISO 9001:2008 certified Preschool Chain of Model Academy organized a ‘Value Education Week’ to provide effective means to the children to understand and learn character-building principles.

Humming Birds School

Mrs.Ruchika Gupta, Project Director, Humming Buds addressed that the values we impart to our children today, consciously or unconsciously, will have a major impact on society tomorrow. Many parents think that it’s premature to teach values to a toddler or preschooler. But that’s a misconception.  Attitudes and values deal with—what people should do; the standards they should live by; or the things they should value, endorse, live up to, or maintain which the young students need to imbibe and embalm within them at an early age. Value Based Education is the only means, which can give to our young the right direction.

The Week comprised of 5 values – Good Touch and Bad Touch, Honesty, Sharing, Patience and Kindness. For the topic Good Touch and Bad Touch, a fun animated puppet video was shown to the kids to sensitize them about their private parts which no body except their mom can touch. Flash cards were also prepared to show various body parts that require protection. Honesty was reinforced with the story of Pinocchio followed by a teacher talk about how telling one truth saves us from many lies. Children shared their favourite toy in school with their friends for the topic Sharing. An award winning short movie on sharing was specially screened for them.A ‘Kindness Quilt’ was prepared by the children in which drawings by them about a kind act were pasted together. They were also asked to be kind at home, school and to the world around them. To imbibe Patience as a virtue children sat for a yoga session and chanted ‘Aum’ for relaxation and peace. They were shown an animated movie-‘The Goose That Laid A Golden Egg’ and explained how the farmer killed the goose by being impatient and wanting all the eggs at one time.

Dr. Renu Gupta, Director MIER, congratulated the team of Humming Buds for this initiative and said if theimpressionable mind once gets set to noble goals difficultwould it be to lead him astray.

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