Humming Buds Organizes XSEED Parents’ Orientation

HB Parents OrientationHumming Buds-The ISO 9001:2008 certified Preschool Chain of Model Academy organized a Parent Orientation for enhancing the awareness of the parents about the XSEED curriculum (a research based curriculum formulated by alumni of Harvard, IIT and MIT) which has been adopted at Humming Buds.

Mrs. Ruchika Gupta, Project Director, Humming Buds welcomed the XSEED Education Coach, Ms. Simret Mahal from Chandigarh and talked about how XSEED provides a conducive learning environment for kids in pre-school. She spoke about how the XSEED education system addresses the three principals on which human life flourishes- Individuality, Curiosity and Creativity. To promote optimum learning, XSEED provides teachers the tools needed to engage, provoke, mentor and motivate the students. She shared the early successes from the implementation of XSEED at Hummind Buds and how students have started observing, reflecting and explaining concepts in their own words while developing higher order thinking skills.

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