Humming Buds Students Visit Aquarium


Aquarium Humming BudsHumming Buds, the ISO 9001-2008 certified Pre-School chain of MIER, took children on a fun and educative visit to the Aquarium at Bagh E Bahu.

All the children’s face lit up on watching the colourful sea creatures swimming around in larger-than-life tanks. They were very excited to recognize the fish they had seen only in pictures till now. The visit also helped in strengthening the concepts they had learnt in the class about aquatic life. The teachers willingly answered all the questions the curious little kids had about how fish breath, where are the bubbles coming from in the water tank, what do they eat, which variety of fish was there and what was their colour etc.

A few varieties on display were piranhas, jelly fish, octopus, clown fish, zebra fish, beacon fish, silver sarovano and lion fish. Later children enjoyed a picnic in the Aquarium gardens and had refreshments.

The visit was an enthralling experience about the magical underwater world covering two-thirds of our planet and comprising of many strange, beautiful and fascinating creatures of the deep. Dr. Arun Gupta, Chairman MIER, appreciated the effort put by the Humming Buds team in giving the children unique and educative experiences beyond the class room teaching.

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