Hundreds of BPT students clueless about their future in Kashmir


By Citizen Journalist Farhan Ali

The Kashmir University offers a 4 ½ years course in Physiotherapy namely, Bachelor of Physiotherapy (BPT) and has a good share of students who are pursuing the course. Physiotherapy is an emerging profession in the medical field and is still not a mainstream field yet. It is clear that the negative effects of modern life style have targeted the ageing as well the young population and hence the growing demand of this profession is evident and as vital as the other medical streams. Physiotherapy is a modern system that uses physical agents, electrotherapy, exercises and numerous devices to mobilize and to prevent disability arising from any disease, injury or trauma. It is a multi dimensional field and can treat a variety of conditions like minor and major injuries, joint troubles, muscular aches and eve acute diseases like Arthritis.

After a Bachelor course, this field also offers a specialization degree i.e. Master of Physiotherapy (MPT) like the other medical streams like MBBS or Homeopathy. The specialization degree has numerous branches like Orthopedic, Neurological, Cardio Vascular and Pediatric physiotherapy with subjects ranging similar to MBBS. But the government in the state has kept the course as non-gazette while equivalent medical courses like BDS, MBBS, BAMS are all gazette courses. Due to this reason, thousands of students who have pursued this course are unsure and uncertain about their future in the state. After investing over four years while studying this profession, many students are just sitting idle at home with no bright future.

The students can be adjusted in Rehabar-e-Talim or Rehbar-e-Siyasat if the concerned authorities consider the matter critically. Many NGO’s and organizations in the region are not keen to give a chance to fresh graduates. Other medical institutes like SKIMS have a vacancy of only one contractual post which automatically shrinks the prospects of getting selected. In Private Nursing homes in the region, these fresh graduates barely get paid. Some of the private nursing homes offer Rs. 3000 as the maximum salary to these students.

Thousands of BPT graduates are either jobless or working for minimal amount of Rs. 3000 despite their four years’ investment in a professional course. The government should consider the matter critically and take steps for uplifting this profession in the valley.

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