Geelani And Other separatists need to start respecting Jammu and Ladakh

Image courtesy: thenewstribe

HurriyatThe strong message which the 2014 verdict in J&K contains seems to have reached the right quarters. Not only the political parties, and their leaders but the separatist leadership in the state which used to take Ladakh, and Jammu for granted has awakened to the reality that unity, and integrity of the state, and their own cause celebre’ would drown if the people of these two regions are not respected, and given their due share. Whether Jammu and Ladakh is interested in their demands of self-rule or separation is different thing altogether, and if the message is read between the lines it is clear that these two region will prefer to separate from Kashmir valley, and strengthen their bonds with the Indian nation. Jammu has polled enb loc for the BJP which is a call for ending regional discrimination, and taking a nationalistic stand that the people of this region are fed with Kashmir centric politics of separatism. The Ladakhis have been unequivocal in their demand for a union territory, and it is in context of this situation that Mirwaiz Omar Farooq has called for the people of these two regions to unite with Kashmiris.

The Mirwaiz fears that if Jammu and Ladakh stand defiant, and continue to oppose the Kashmiri hegemony then there are chances that unity and integrity of the state could be harmed. What the Mirwaiz wants is that people from these regions should forget the years of discrimination, corruption, and poor governance to support the separatist leadership which has forced nothing but violence, and bloodshed on the innocent people of the state. By calling the BJP which has got immense support in Jammu region from both Hindus and Muslims as communal, the Kashmiri leaders whether they are mainstream politicians or the separatist ones are disrespecting the choice made by common man who is disillusioned by the current scheme of things, and wants freedom from this inertia. The past set up in Jammu and Kashmir has been such that few politicians, and their favoured bureaucrats have amassed crores of rupees with no accountability. The widespread militancy in the state is also a result of the political disaffection caused by lack of employement, and development which when mixed with religion, and local grievances becomes a potent weapon in the hands of motivated enemies like Pakistan.

While the Hurriyat leaders are asking Jammu and Ladakh to cooperate, they should also ask the Kashmiri leaders, and their followers to get ready for power sharing, and to give up their six decades control on strings of government. Also there is no constituency for separatists in both Ladakh, and Jammu who stand for complete integration of the state into India, and the abrogation of article 370. The people of Jammu have supported the BJP because they know that the party stands for complete integration of J&K with India. It is important that Kashmiri leadership should understand the aspirations and feelings of the people, and get ready for sharing power, and also joining the national mainstream.

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