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Hurriyat’s Joint Protest Programme from 13 August – 18 August 2016

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13th & 14th August

Saturday & Sunday

(relaxation after 6 pm to 6 am) both days

Referendum March

March from every Mohallah, Village, locality, Tehsil and District towards Lal Chowk Srinagar. If & wherever stopped, sit and continue protest for till Sunday Evening;

People healing from Jammu and Kashmir and their sympathizers which are residing outside India will organize referendum march of their respective cities and capitals.


Pakistan Day (14th August)

During the Referendum march, offer special prayers on 14th of August for the stability of Pakistan after every Nimaz.

15th August


( No relaxation)

Civil curfew and black Day:

From 7:00 am onwards block all the roads towards and around the place of celebration of Indian Independence day; District development commissioners are asked not to hoist the Indian Flag in any part of the Jammu and Kashmir.

Parents are directed not to send their wards for participation in these celebrations.

Raise black flags on your houses, shops, market centers and local chowks wear black dresses or black bands on this day.

Black Day for Azad Kashmir as well; all the political parties and people of Azad Kashmir hold protests with black flags against Indian occupation.

NRKs to protest with black flags in front of embassies all over the world;

16th August


(relaxation after 6 pm to 6 am)

Members of all trade and manufacturing bodies including shopkeepers hold a sit in protest from 11:00 am to 1:00 pm at all district central markets.

Women’s Protests from Zuhar to Asr and Men’s protest from Asr to Magrib;  Play Islamic and Azadi Taranas in Masjids from Magrib to Isha; banging of roof tops.

17th August


(relaxation after 6 pm to 6 am)

UNO March:

March from every Mohallah, Village, locality, Tehsil and District towards UN office, Lal Chowk Srinagar. If & wherever stopped, sit and continue protest till Evening.

18th August


(relaxation after 6 pm to 6 am)


A poster letter asking all Legislators and workers of pro Indian parties to resign from their positions and parties be disseminated throughout Jammu and Kashmir via every media.

Assemble and occupy all roads for one hour from 5pm to 6 pm. Offer Asr nimaz on roads as a mark of protest.

Directions for all the days 1.      The Protests be held across Jammu and Kashmir on all days.

2.      Shutdown across J&K on all days except the relaxation mentioned in the programme.

3.      Lockdown all the routes entering your mohallas, villages and localities by every means during night to protect people in general and youth in particular from the raids and arrests by Indian forces and J&K police.

4.      Mashall bardaar processions should be carried on alternate days


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