Husband cuts off rapist private part who attacked his wife


In a bizarre incident that has come to light from Ukraine, police in the country’s eastern Kharkiv region have arrested a man for allegedly chopping off another man’s penis. The man who used a knife in a fit of rage to chop off another man’s testicles is 27-year-old Dmitri Spaskin, a resident of Shevchenkovo village.

Spaskin claims that he attacked 25-year-old Dmitri Ivchenko when he saw the latter sexually assaulting his wife. The accused and his wife were meeting a few friends at a local restaurant. The wife left the restaurant at around 1 am, about ten minutes before the husband. On her way home, she was halted by Ivchenko who passed off remarks at her. When she did not respond to his advances, he covered her face with his hands and dragged her behind the bushes where he attempted to rape her.

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“I saw him holding my wife by the throat behind the bushes as he was trying to rape her,” Spaskin told police officers. This is when he ran towards Ivchenko and hit him before taking out his Swiss knife and chopping off Ivchenko’s penis. The alleged rapist was rushed to a hospital where he is being treated under police supervision. According to a report, the rapist’s screams woke up the entire neighbourhood in the middle of the night which is when the police were alerted.

In the minutes following the incident, Spaskin dropped his knife at the scene of the crime and walked about 13 kilometres to a neighbouring village where he asked an acquaintance to drop him to the nearest police station. He was charged with causing grievous bodily harm and placed under house arrest. When confronted by mediapersons, he simply responded with, “I cannot explain what happened to me at the moment”.