I am a gold-medalist, but where is my job?: Students lock-down college, protest against Administration


SRINAGAR, Feb 15: Students on Wednesday held protest and locked down the veterinary college at Shuhama, Alusteng, Srinagar over demands:

1. Reschedule of screening test for 24 posts advertised by jkpsc

2. Clearance of 220 DPC (departmental promotions certification) posts

3.Clearance of file of 420 posts that is approved by planning, but is lingering at Finance department.


Jammu & Kashmir Finance minister Mr Haseeb Drabu caught on Camera.

“I pay salaries amounting to 22,000 Cr to 4.5 lakh government employees, who do absolutely no work”, says Finance Minister Haseeb Drabu.

During a brief interaction with the head of Unemployed veterinary doctors forum, Drabu made this astonishing statement.

“I don’t want any debate on transforming economy, I have enough experienece!” he quipped when the forum head emphasized the need for job creation in state.

“But, what I can recommend you is that I can give you mobile vans and help you get private partnerships.” he added, while addressing the issue of Veterinary doctors.

Dr. Drabu cleary refused to create anymore posts saying Govt. cannot afford it at present. He also blatantly said that “I know what you all do after you are given jobs. We are just salaries for the employees who get hired in govt. departments across J&K”. He added that he is well aware of the conditions and working of Govt. departments.

With 5 times more population than J&K, Bihar has only 4 Lakh govt. employees, apprised Finance minister, Dr. Drabu. “We have strived to create as many jobs for youth of the state as possible”, he added.


HOW LOGICAL IS Dr. Drabu’s Statement?

Fin. Minister Drabu incites JK youth; disappointed with incompetent Govt. employees

Recently, a video surfaced that showed the J&K Finance Minister who glaringly addressed the shortcomings in the present scenario of the state government employees while talking to a delegation of veterinary doctors, who had called on him after they refused to participate in the examination alleging that the government has kept far fewer seats for them in the government sector. It is not the first time that a minister has spoken contemptuously about the state government employees and lack of work culture in the state. Earlier the former chief minister of the state Omar Abdullah had echoed similar sentiments, though he was not as straightforward as Drabu when he stated that he can run the government with mere 50,000 persons.

Finance Minister of Jammu and Kashmir said that 4.5 lakh employees of the state government do no visible work. “I pay salaries amounting to Rs 22,000 crore to 4.5 lakh government employees, who do absolutely no work”, Drabu said.

Finance Minister also said, “I can give you mobile vans and help you get private partnerships,” to the delegation.

Govt. service matrix over-saturated:

Drawing parallel with Bihar, which has five times more population than Jammu and Kashmir, Drabu said Bihar has only 4 lakh government employees.

Source: Greater Kashmir

The stats show that the Public Servant to Population ratio is rather outrageous in J&K. Moreover, Gujarat having a moderate index of just over 800, has the lowest Unemployment Rate in the country among all the states, while J&K ranks #10 in the race. A Govt. can accommodate employees linearly in relationship to the need in the respective sector within the limits of the budget. The public sector jobs seems to have overshot the point of saturation.


It is evident that there’s a large lacuna, not in the Govt’s efforts alone but the determination of the State’s Youth to find employment on the strength of their merit and talent.

Liabilities that inhibit growth:

In the recent Budget Estimate(2017-18), the J&K Govt allocated a huge amount of 20,101 Cr for the salaries of the state govt. Employees. Let alone the pensions which adds 5,000 Cr to the bill. The pie-charts shown here draw a comparison between the Revenue Expenditure of the State of J&K and Gujarat. 67.61% of the capital is spent as ‘Development Expenditure’ in Gujarat while Salaries & pensions alone swallow 31% of the Capital expenditure in J&K.

Source: Gujarat Budget Document (available for public viewing)

Already, the way state has been very grossly financing its liability gaps has created an ever-running debt whirlpool.The borrowing route has been repeatedly abused by the successive governments for meeting the revenue expenditure (paying salaries & pensions) and sometimes for repaying past liability of interest; rather than creating tax returning assets. It is tantamount to a shopkeeper raising a bank loan to pay its telephone and electricity bills rather than investing in creating an inventory. The money paid in taxes is supposed to help uplift the present infrastructure and building new ones than to pay Govt liabilities and overcompensation.

The statement of the Finance Minister is likely to snowball into a major controversy, as the strong government employees union have previously protested against such statements. Doctors Association Kashmir(DAK) President Dr G M Mir has strongly condemned the statement and said, “Pertinently doctors have been serving the community during all the turbulence which the state has witnessed, be it turmoil, floods or the recent unrest. We have acclimatized ourselves to forget our own families in any calamity just to serve the people against all odds.”

In our state, it cannot be completely denied that a perception exists that to have scored a Govt. job is a leisure for life. The notion to secure a fixed income and pension, apparently no workload against the Govt’s responsibility to carry out actual inclusive development of the region contributed by each and every public servant across all the departments seems in contrast to each other, and less likely to bear any fruitful result. It seems convenient to protest in order to gain jobs or privileges (although the anguish is justified) than to actually utilise skills to score decent jobs.The combined metrics of the presented data indicate that the lacuna that inhibits the economic growth and welfare of J&K is yet to be identified. For the youth and employees to now immediately feel disparaged by the recent statement of the Finance Minister is redundant as the overall picture of the status quo already makes it evident. A popular saying which goes, “God helps those who help themselves.” holds strong, where the Govt. itself, needs help along with the citizens. An environment needs to be created where the common mass and the Govt. are in sync with the tune of inclusive growth

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