I hate driving in Jammu, it’s not the same any more

Neeraj Sharma

JAMMU: We have been witnessing traffic jams in every nook and corner of Jammu city where the commuters are trapped in the jams on the major roads, junctions and important intersections of Jammu city for hours together. It has become a daily routine in Jammu city especially during evening hours.

There is always a traffic jam on B C Road, Janipur Road, Old City, Apsara Road, Gole Market, Raghunath Bazar and many other roads of the city during the peak hours or evening hours.

The road network in the Jammu city is not up to the mark as compared to the other states where there are flyovers. If we talk about Jammu city, there is only one flyover in the city and the other one connecting Bikram Chowk to Government Women College Gandhi Nagar is under construction. Moreover there are no parking places in the city.

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Widening of roads, creation of parking places in the Jammu city has been in the government’s promises’ list but it is not always right to blame the government always. It is the people who are to be blamed for the traffic jams in the Jammu city as they parked their vehicles haphazardly which disrupts the free flow of the traffic.

Moreover the minibuses plying on the different routes are also a massive cause behind the traffic jams as they randomly stop their vehicles in the middle of the roads to pick and drop the passengers. It seems that they are least concerned about the miseries of the people caught behind them in the traffic jams that they cause.

I just hate driving in Jammu.

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