I might be older than him but he is definitely bigger than me

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Citizen Journalist Story by Akanksha Gupta

Life is Hard..Not That Much !!
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10-year old Karan wakes up in the morning and goes to school. After he comes back home from school, he neither goes to tuition like other kids of his age nor does he play in the ground nearby.

He goes to Raghunath Bazaar with a bag full of socks and tries to make a sale here.

I asked him, Who taught you all this?

The poor kid replies with a smile on his face, “I have seen my father selling socks. I try to copy him.”

My next question to him was did your father force you to work here? To this, the boy said that his father wants him to stay at home and study. “I have forced him to get me these sock so that I can sell it here. My mother smiles when I go home and hand over this money to her. I like to see that smile everyday.”

Karan is youngest of his three brothers and one sister. He studies in the 3rd standard at Govt. Middle School at Gorakh Nagar and lives in the same area. He works at Raghunath Bazaar after school to help his father in running the family and he is very happy doing that. He feels great if he earns 200 to 300 rupees every day.

“And when do you study?” I asked

“Usually in the morning and during exams I study late at nights but I never miss coming here,” was his prompt reply.

I felt so overwhelmed hearing these things coming out of this 10 year old. On one hand, here is me shouting on my parents for money and then there is this 10 years old earning money for his  parents.

I might be older than him but he is definitely bigger than me.

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