‘I will never return to valley’, Tourist vows after her horrifying experience in Kashmir


Holiday turned catastrophic for a family when they had to face a nighmare-like situation on their way to valley. Sangeeta Wade from Kanpur dared to visit valley amid high-rising unrest but she hadn’t expected the treatment she recieved.

On the morning of 28th May Sangeeta set on a soujourn to Kashmir via a private taxi from Jammu.The car had only reached Anantnag when Police advised Sangeeta to return back saying the situation is spiralling out of control in valley and it wouldn’t be safe for Sangeeta and her family to visit Kashmir at this point in time. Reluctant, Sangeeta still didn’t lose hope but as she entered Anantnag she noticed that Tourist vehicles returning from valley in worst condition. Broken glasses and window Panes made her fear for the lives of her family. Seeing which, Sangeeta immediately decided to head back to Jammu.

Sangeeta vowed that she would never come back to valley again and neither will he suggest anyone to visit the so-called ‘Paradise on earth’.

It is pertinent to note here that Kashmir is reeling under similar unrest since past few months. The unrest in valley began after Security forces gunned down Burhan Wani earlier last year. While the valley simmered for good six months following Burhan Wani aftermath, winters saw respite.

Now with the death of another Hizbul commander, Sabzar Bhat, another summer unrest is being anticipated as per Intel reports.

Kashmir which was once called the paradise on earth has reduced to nothing but a battle ground of blood and tears.


Concerned over the recent decline in the footfall of tourists in Jammu and Kashmir, thanks to terrorism, the J&K tourism on Saturday announced a number of sops to woo tourists.

“The J&K Tourism Development Corporation (JKTDC) is offering a discount of around 50 per cent in its tour packages while the private tour operators have also chipped in with a 30 per cent discount,” Ghulam Zeelani Zagar, deputy director of J& K tourism said at a press conference in Kolkata.

“Recent terrorist activities are only in the border areas, which are far away from the tourist destinations. The hotel owners, the transport operators and the administration are ready to provide safety and security for tourists,” Mr Zagar added.

In the last fiscal, as many as 17 lakh tourists visited the valley. “But the way the number of tourists decreased in the last two months, we apprehend an almost 20 per cent decline this year,” Mr Geelani said.

March and April witnessed an average daily footfall of 5,000 tourists while it is usually near about 30,000 a day. Tourism is one of the major source of livelihood for the people of Kashmir and Bengal alone contributes to more than 40 per cent of the tourist flow.

“We too have a role to play to attract tourism in J & K. We are also giving a 30 per cent discount in our various packages to attract tourists,” Nazir A. Mir, chairman of Association of Kahmir Tour Operator (AKTO) said.

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