IAS officer in Srinagar attempts suicide, saved

Jammu and Kashmir News

Srinagar, June 26: The officers at higher positions are also vulnerable. They lose their nerve at times and act accordingly. It is however kept a secret by their office and they are spared humiliation.

According to a report in Early Times, a top IAS officer attempted suicide earlier this week after a senior officer called on him. The domestic helper who worked at the officer’s place found the house unusually calm. On looking further she found the Babu (officer) lying semi-unconscious, with his wrists slit open and surrounded with blood. 
The domestic helper raised an alarm and called for help immediately. 
He was rushed to a local government hospital where a surgeon fixed the deep cut on his wrist. Because he reached the hospital on time, the doctors were able to recover him.
The attempted suicide has sent shock waves across the bureaucratic circles. The police have filed a case and an investigation has begun. The senior IAS officer who called on the babu earlier that day may be questioned.

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