IAS turned Politician has left Kashmir already?


Some senior chiefs of a recently constituted political party by administrator turned-politician, who professes to be the “youthful voice of the individuals of Kashmir”, have left for “greener fields” when his people in Kashmir are reeling under limitations.

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As per sources, the leaders from his party were feeling “exhausted” in Kashmir, particularly in the wake of the clampdown on the web and telephone lines. “He (politician) is so used to web-based life that he can’t manage without his online contacts, particularly his companions and in this way, he chose to leave Kashmir to keep in contact with his friends and family,” the sources said.

The sources said on August 7 that is two days after restrictions were enforced in Kashmir, the said leader left from Srinagar Airport. On arriving at his destination, the primary thing he did was to post a message on one of his social media handles where he expounded on the issues the individuals were looking in Kashmir.

He likewise asked the visitors not to go to Kashmir till the circumstances improve. Yet, to his stun, the said political leader who had left his job as an IAS official was reprimanded by the netizens for showing up on the web-based social networking.

Taking a dig, the web users asked that if such leaders were so worried about the hardships being faced by the individuals in Kashmir, for what reason did they themselves not remain back in Kashmir to confront hardships? Why are they utilizing web when the internet service is nowhere accessible in Kashmir or is it that they have left Kashmir for chatter on the web?

The leader was put to serious mortification by the netizens who asked if holidaying away from Kashmir could easily compare to being with the individuals in the critical crossroads. Is the internet more important than the state you claim to be yours?

At least three leaders of his party have left Kashmir in the ongoing past after the restrictions were enforced on August 5.