If J&K Govt can’t provide employment then it should create private sector jobs

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It is shocking that the Jammu and Kashmir government despite having more than one lakh vacancies is not ready to recruit youth who had been waiting for jobs after the previous government also failed both in creating employment both in state, and private sector. As per information only 4333 jobs have been referred to recruiting agencies which is a pittance as compared to the vast unemployment level which is prevalent across the state. There is no doubt the influential and blue-eyed persons of the state government manage to get jobs whereas the common man keeps on waiting for employment. The sad state of industry, and private sector further adds to the woes of people. A large majority of youth are now moving out of the state to Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad for IT jobs which could be relocated to Jammu, and Srinagar provided the government invites the private IT industry and provides it space to operate in an optimal manner.

IT industry is one of the major employers in the country and if adequate incentives are given the state could get precious jobs, and our youth would not have to migrate to other states where they compromise on quality of life, face pollution, and move back home after giving their precious 8 to 10 years in most cases.

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Apart from that government needs to fill vacant posts in major departments so that educated youth get jobs, and do not get wasted. Data reveals that there are more than 5000 gazetted vacant posts, whereas non-gazzeted posts are also 35,000, and almost 12000 vacancies in class IV. There are also a large number of daily wager posts which have not been filled. All these vacant posts not only lead to high level of unemployment but also disenchantment among youth who could also get attracted by terrorists as they are frustrated, and unhappy with the current state of affairs.

There are almost 6 lakh youth who are registered with the employment exchange and if the government fails to provide any succor to them then there would be more problems to be faced, and a strong anti-incumbency will build again like it happened against the previous govt.