If you are poor, you cant take a holiday for death-rituals of your brother


Jammu, July 29: A case of sheer goondaism has come to notice where a businessman thrashed his employee so badly, the flesh of his arm was torn off. Not concerned one bit about the fact that such thrashing could have actually left the employee a cripple.

Man beaten up in Pahariyaan Mohalla Jammu (4)

Avinash Sodhi was beaten up ruthlessly by his employer, an owner of a shop in Pahariyaan Mohalla area because he had not turned up for work for three days. Sodhi, who is admitted in Government Medical college Hospital said that the owner had beaten him up without any fear in the past as well.

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This time around, Sodhi did not attend work because he was occupied with the rituals of death anniversary (Barkhi) of his brother. He had explained the reason to the owner of the shop as well but the genuine reason did not come to his rescue.

The shop owner when spoken to threatened that he is not scared of anyone. His skewed up line of rationale was that Avinash Sodhi has been irregular in the past as well.

Man beaten up in Pahariyaan Mohalla Jammu (2)
After Treatment, some skin has developed back

When the shop owner was reasoned with the fact that if Sodhi is irregular, he could have simply been asked to leave the job but the shop owner did not pay any heed to this.

No case has been registered against the businessman so far who’s shop is located very close to the Police Station in Parade.

The question that rises is if someone is poor, do their family matters hold no value? If someone is not affluent, can they be thrashed with complete impunity no matter what their fault is? Why has the police not taken cognizance of this matter when the site of crime is in the close vicinity of the police station itself?

No one is above the law and moreover, physical assault is in no way a punishment to compensate the days off taken by an employee.

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